My aeternity coin was disappeared

Hi, everyone. Long time no see.

I sent AE coins to Binance exchange from BIthumb.
The deposit to Binance was clearly completed and txid was also searched on the network.
However, my txid became unsearchable on the network and the coins that had been deposited on the exchange disappeared since the exchange was banned from deposit and withdraw due to network issues.

I’ve been inquiring about the both exchanges.
What’s really weird is that the TXID that was searched is gone. So I left a message here.

Who can explain? Leave the withdrawal details below.

For your information, there are emails received from the exchange when the deposit and withdrawal were completed.
There was a problem on the day of the network issue, so I want the AE team to think about it together.

Here is the detail of the widthrawl.

Time of withdrawal: 2020-12-07 04:22:03.077546
Release amount: 35,001
Computer network fee: 1
Received: 35,000
Receipt Address: Ak_267V6kJHSGv516ysrnRbwYA2wYok1RdMhQBf6nNZLgLX9XLtb
Blockchain transaction number: th_Gvu8t8cUDS9UK1SnZ2MbU9GUKZAxmW63Lr1A9w2cGs2TmATv

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The coins should be still in BIthumb, the transaction might be abandoned onchain:


Hi Liu.
Are you saying there’s no problem because the transaction isn’t going well?

I heard from Binance exchange like following…
The coin was deposited, but refused due to network problems…
And they said it would be returned to the address of Bithumb.

Liu, is it possible?

Yes, as Binance said.

Wait and see the later solution.

Did you get your ae back?