My EtherWallet got Hacked and my AE got stolen


Hi All,

My etherwallet got hacked and all AE tokens got stolen (9000 AE).
is there any way that the smart contract can help me to retrieve it?

the wallet that has been hacked is the same one I used for the ICO and is linked to my email, so i can verify myself.

Please help.



Oh noooo! [email protected]#%&$^
Very sorry for your loss. I expect the team cannot help. I am just wondering how this happened. Phish site, compromised, or did your key get stolen thru a hotwallet like Jaxx? (the latter happened to me). Just a PSA; ae erc20 tokens can be stored most securely on a hardware wallet like ledger nano, accessible thru MEW. Even then I think it is best to do the transaction offline, but I don’t know much.about this.
Sorry again, I hope you can get back to having a stake for the fabled upcoming bull run