My experience with the token migration by AirGap Vault and MEW


My experience might help some of you with your token migration.

Now, to the time I wanted to migrate I had the options of Ledger Nao S and AirGap Vault(AGV).

Unfortunately Ledger worked on a firmware update and wasn't available for the AE migration and AGV didn't work properly on my smartphone BQ Aquaris X5 plus with Android 7.1.1

I decided to go with AGV which is IMHO more promising in security and comfortable crypto account handling than Ledger. I had a nice chat with Lukas, a developer of AGV and he promised me to look into the problem with my BQ smartphone and AGV.

Meanwhile I purchased an as-good-as-new Fantec M200H smartphone for only 39€ with an Android 7.0. And happily AGV works fine with it. The Fantec M200H with its alternative name Fantec Limbo is IMHO the most suited smartphone atm, not only because of its unbeatable price(of around 56€, new Fantec Limbo), but because of a quite recent and security up-to-date Android 7.0 AND you can remove the battery manually!
Which means no chance of tampering in any way with this crypto vault.

Today I started with the migration by running AGV on my Fantec Limbo . Working myself through the security process, pass phrase and a PW I got in the end my AE Roma account address for migration phase 1 and the mainnet. It was displayed as alphanumeric code and by QR-code on-screen.

Well, I hate to type the long alpha-numeric code manually, so I decided to install a QR-code reader app on my Win10 notebook (its the free QR Scanner plus from the Microsoft Shop, which works very well for me).

Voila, I got the AE-Roma address, stored it away in my PW-safe and opened the migration site: AE token migration.

I choose AGV and noticed that the site probably would have scanned the QR-code, too.
You might want to test that yourself.

I copy-pasted the ak-code and run the the process with MEW.

I started with only 10 AE and was a little troubled by the template entries of 0 ETH and the contract address on top, but it worked fine. I copy-pasted the payload link and checked it later together with the MEW links to verify the transaction.

In MEW(with my ETH address and the deposited AE) I only had to choose the Gas Price (2 Gwei) which is very cheap atm.

MEW was able to verify the TX and thel payload-tool showed the exact ammount of 10 AE.

With the AE tokentracker I was able to see that my transaction arrived.

In the next step I migrated my full ammount of AE ERC-20 tokens to the mainnet.

This time I experienced a litte shock, because the payload link didn't show anything, altough the MEW verifier-link replied with a TX-success and I relaxed when the AE tokentracker showed the positive TX-result.
This could have something to do with *.88455115 AE = 8 digits on the right side of the dot, causing the tool to fail.

After a while I checked my total with result of sucessful token migration. All my transfers showed up and I printed it as a PDF-file for documentation.

So, everything looks fine up to now.


Thank you @Stefan_K for sharing your experience,
I am glad you migrated your tokens smoothly :slight_smile: