My Second Aeternity Meetup in Ahmadiyya, Lagos Nigeria


Hi Everyone, My name is Femi from Lagos, Nigeria!

I had a group of graduates join the meetup that took place at Ahmadiyya, Lagos yesterday 3rd of March 2019. Participants were excited to be a prt of the meetup and were thrilled at the level of progress that had been made by the Aeternity team in terms of Blockchain technology implementation and development.
Quite a number of them had no previous idea of what Blockchain technology was, hence they paid so much attention, the kind i have rarely seen in any youth engagement. They went on to ask questions such as, If Blockchain can really solve so many problems , why are we yet to see mass adoption of this so called disruptive technology?, Some went ahead to make suggestions as to areas where they felt aepps could be useful in solving issues, these areas include supply chain, logistics and agriculture.
I also introduced the Aeternity tip bot to them and many look forward to interacting with it.
Overall, the meetup was good and they really look forward to our next meetup which they want to happen as soon as possible, they also enquired if it would be possible to speak via webinar with a team representative and i promised to find out from @erik93 if he could spare some time for a webinar sometime this month or next.

I look forward to having a few technically inclined people join in on our next meetup and i am so glad to be a part of the aeternity family :smile:


Hey @cryptofridge

Thank you so much for your work and commitment :slight_smile:

Please let everybody know about the Public Developer Hangout with our developers if you haven’t already :slight_smile:

Next call is this Wednesday - 11:30 AM CET and people can ask all their question in advance here in the Forum :wink: