NameMarketplace - small Elixir showcase application

Hi everyone,
during Hack&Play session in Berlin on November 21 and 22,
Elixir SDK team decided to build NameMarketplace showcase application, built on top of aeternity blockchain, by using Aeternity Elixir SDK.

Name marketplace allows everyone who owns some name - list it for his own price and for everyone who is looking for some name to buy - name listing and buying functionality. We decided to build backend part only by using our SDK and Elixir language. The app acts as a middleman between sellers(currently) and buyers(in future).

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Hey, I also thought about that topic but didn’t have a deeper look into it up to now. But as you publish this it would be good to know whether it is currently already possible to build a marketplace without requiring a middleman.

Can this be done by using smart contracts to handle it? And the smart contract based marketplace needs to consider the TTL for the domains. Maybe a cleanup method when there is a sell-offer open and the TTL expired in the meantime.

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Hi @marc0olo, as far as I know this is possible to use smart contract as a middleman, and it is done by @noandrea during Hack&Play session in Berlin.

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@noandrea could you share this if you have a simple example for building a decentralized name marketplace? That would be nice :blush:

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here you go