National Association of Computer science Student Conference

Aeternity has been invited to speak during the National Association of Computer Science Student (North Central Region) conference on the topic: Is blockchain truly the future? A close look at aeternity. The conference will commence from 4th to the 7th of March, 2019. If you are around Abuja, you can also come around and be a part of the event. Nile University Abuja, and the time is 10am daily.


Hi @Stephensunday.chain, thank you for posting this here. Good news!

Thank you @emin.chain lets see how we can take advantage of this opportunity and get more hands on aeternity.


Hey @Stephensunday.chain we are looking forward to seeing some photos from the event today :slight_smile:

It was a very successful outing with the Students from 7 states of North Central Nigeria and from different Universities. It was an opportunity for me to speak about how aeternity is engage in the development of young developers from different states across Nigeria and from different Universities. Also spoke on where junior developers can learn how to write and deploy smart contract on the aeternity blockchain, how aeternity is currently in India to support startups and how they too can become relevant in the Blockchain space through the aeternity aecosystem.
The leaders of the association mentioned to me if it’s possible for them to build their remittance platform on aeternity and how easy will it be for their members to use base on the complexity of blockchain. They also asked if there is a stable coin on aeternity since it has to do with remittance that is meant to service their budgets.
They promised to send a comprehensive proposal of what they want to achieve going forward with Blockchain and how they intend to use aeternity in that regard.