Need better share message for

The share message I get when I tip a video on youtube is not really great for the comment sections.

It can’t have the link written out otherwise it’ll get caught plus it’s talking about an article not a video.

I think the message should just tell them how much in USD and AE and then how to get it.

Thank you @hadees.chain for the suggestion! Will be considered.

Regarding the fiat currency value, you can customize as you like even now! All you need to do is to pick the fiat you prefer (USD or CAD for example) and change it! Then you will see wallet balance in AE and chosen currency, and tip message will contain the same information.

Example of the message: I just sent you 5 AE (CAD$0.91) for your wonderful post! Start receiving and sending more tips through Learn more.

Here’s how:

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Yeah i’m not talking about how it’s displayed.

Just the message is very unhelpful for sharing on the platform you know i’m sharing on.

Is this open source? I am a coder.

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Hi @hadees.chain, you can find both Github repos here, feel free to submit issues and PRs there: Superhero wallet and Superhero website

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Yes yes, full open source! Thank you @erik.chain, here’s the complete list of the codes: @hadees.chain