[New] aeScan Q1 - 2024

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Status: New
Last updated: 02.02.2024
Submited by Jan Michek [email protected]
Team: aeScan
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Planned Delivery: 31.03.2024

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Open Source Development

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aeScan Q1 2024 features development


Value Application

During this period I will focus on developing Smart Contract verification service. This feature is standard in most of the blockchain ecosystems. This will bring more trust between users and AEternity and its developers.
Next up will head to DEX Trades, which will list all the Dex trades and Dex trades per token

Status Quo

Currently, there is no way to determine contract bytecode uploaded to the network matches the expected smart contract source files.
Likewise with the DEX Trades. There is currently no way to list trades

Required Work

Smart contract verification process, Smart Contract verification result, user interaction with Smart Contracts through aeScan UI. Building UI for Dex trades using MDW endpoints


256 hours Smart Contract Verification, 128 hours for Dex Trades

Known Limitations

Smart Contract verification is a collaboration with separate Smart Contract verification service. DEX trades is collaboration with MDW team. There may be mutual negotiations about the final result.


After the release the features, it will be announced in the forum



Maintenance and improvements based on feedback of the features will followed in the next periods


Please don’t hesitate to share updates on any improvements or provide links to the latest developments related to your project. We highly value continuous progress and are keen to support enhancing the aeScan platform. Your contributions to the Aeternity ecosystem are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to seeing your project evolve.

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Week 5-6 (Jan 29 - Feb 11)

  • Finalizing Smart Contract Verification with infrastructure negotiation. Implementation of Read contract interaction
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Week 7-8 (Feb 12 - Feb 25)

  • Accommodating initial feedback for Smart Contract Verification and Verified part Infrastructure negotiation to make solution run on testnet for testing purposes. Implementation of Read and Write contract interaction
    (note: one week I spent on vacation)
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Week 9-11 (Feb 26 - Mar 17)

  • Reviewing and fixing Smart Contract Verification and Verified feature. Infrastructure negotiation to make solution run on testnet for testing purposes. Improving wallet connection with app to make it work with Contract Read and Write functionality. Research and implementation of encoding decoded Smart Contract Events.
  • Initially announced feature DEX Trades has been postponed as there is a dependency on Dex and Mdw that is being negotiated

Week 12-13 (Mar 18 - Mar 31)

  • Rest of Q1 I spend with bug-fixing from backlog, actually reported bugs and catching up tech debt ( Warning about MDW out of sync, displaying Chain.spend values, display tokens after Dex changes, making call arguments collapsible)
  • Deployment of Contract verification relies on delivery of updated text of Terms of Service, so it has been on hold
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