New æUnited Bounty for cryptographers: ZKP-based private transactions (CHF 10,000)

Private transactions on the æternity blockchain based on Zero-Knowledge Proof

With Iris protocol upgrade more crypto primitives for BLS12-381 have been introduced. This enables for example zero-knowledge proofs and more multi-signature schemes.

In order to demonstrate these capabilities we are searching for a volunteer (or a group of volunteers) in the community that build a privacy enabling application similar to on aeternity. The goal is to have a usable application where people can play around with at least on æternity Testnet.



  • Write all required components (contracts, frontend, …)
    • Frontend should allow the user to connect their Superhero Wallet for easy deposits. :superhero:
  • Deploy on testnet
  • Provide meaningful README(s) :clipboard:
    • How to build, run and use the application
  • Publish the source-code under ISC License
  • Publish a video how to use the application
  • Write a dedicated blog-article that includes the video :tv:


  • We know that this requires a lot of work and deep knowledge in cryptography! :pager:
  • You might miss some tooling that needs to be built by yourself. :wrench:
    • Maybe you can even contribute a new set of functionality to the Sophia standard library :wink:
    • In case you have any serious blockers that cannot be solved by you or your team let us know! :speaking_head:
  • In case you’d like to tackle this and you don’t agree with the size of the bounty get in touch with us to discuss what’s possible.

If you want to participate in this bounty, write a comment in this Github issue: :memo:

You can find all publicly availabe æUnited Bounties here: :mag:




Expect someone to claim the bounty

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In fact, I only need an example of smart contract, which enables anonymous transfer of AE through smart contract. With this example, I can integrate it into Box APP

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well, you need to find somebody who is willing to tackle this bounty. this is not a trivial task and there might be unforeseen hurdles.