[New] Chainstaff a dApp to revolutionize the way companies recruit talent

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Status: New
Last updated: 01.04.2024
Submited by Simon Heer, [email protected]
Team: SayNode Operations AG
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Open Source Development

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Project Title: Chainstaff prototyp an incentive job platform


This application pertains to a partnership between Chainstaff and Saynode Operations AG. Chainstaff is led by CEO and Founder Alessandro, an experienced HR professional with a CAS in Human-Centered Organization from Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH). Alessandro has spent over eight years as an HR Operations Specialist at Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecommunications company, before joining MCH Group as an HR Project Specialist. He later undertook a three-year stint as an HR expert at SBB CFF FFS, Switzerland’s national railway company, bringing his extensive experience and expertise to Chainstaff.
SayNode Operations AG, a Swiss company, stands out for its technological prowess, combining blockchain and mobile development. We firmly believe that perfect user experience is key to the success of Web3 projects. The SayNode team has already successfully implemented various projects in the Web3 domain. In this partnership, SayNode will contribute its technical expertise, while Chainstaff will cover the business and HR aspects.

Value Application

With the success of Chainstaff, we are initiating the development of a platform that has the potential to revolutionize the job market. We strongly believe in the transformative impact of Chainstaff. Its successful implementation and widespread use are expected to not only showcase the capabilities of Aeternity’s blockchain but also contribute to its adoption and foster increased user engagement.

Definition of Terms

Chainstaff is a unique platform designed to revolutionize the way companies recruit talent and how professionals discover new opportunities. Instead of using costly platforms or even expensive head hunters, Chainstaff makes use of peoples network. It stands out by leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts, aiming to bring more transparency and cost efficiency to the recruitment process.

Transparent Recruiting
Chainstaff connects companies with professionals, facilitating job recruitment through a user’s network. This system is designed to be more transparent and effective than traditional job posting platforms and headhunter services.

Cost-Effective Solutions
It addresses the high costs associated with traditional recruitment methods, such as platform fees or headhunter charges, by offering a more affordable and scalable solution.

Platform Mechanics Chainstaff serves a dual-purpose audience. On one side, there are companies (Demand-Side) looking to fill positions. On the other side, there are users (Seller-Side) who have networks potentially containing suitable candidates.

Process Flow
1: Companies post job offerings for free, with a reward for successful referrals.
2: Users search for and refer potential candidates from their network.
3: When a match is successful, the referring user receives a portion of the reward, while Chainstaff also benefits from the transaction

User Benefits
Discover: Users can explore a dynamic job marketplace on Chainstaff, identifying potential career opportunities that might be suitable for people in their network.
Share: The platform enables users to share open job positions with their contacts, such as colleagues, friends, or connections. This not only assists others in finding suitable jobs but also helps in their job search.
Earn: When a professional from a user’s network secures a job through the platform, the user who shared the job opportunity receives rewards. This creates a mutually beneficial situation where both the referrer and the job seeker gain financially.

Technical Setup
User-Centric Design: The platform is built with a strong focus on the end-user experience. It includes an app that allows users to refer people directly to job openings. This app is platform-independent, catering to both iOS and Android users using Flutter.
Web-Based Parts: Companies can easily post job offerings and users can upload their CVs through a web interface.
Smart Contract Functionality: The distribution of payments and rewards is managed through smart contracts on the Aeternity blockchain. This ensures transparency and efficiency in transactions.
Cryptocurrency Integration: Chainstaff utilizes cryptocurrency for transactions, promoting its use while also providing fiat on and off-ramp options for those not familiar with cryptocurrencies.

Market Engagement
Partnerships: Chainstaff is in discussions with major Swiss companies.

More Information

Status Quo

The company was successfully founded, marking a significant milestone in its development.
A website has been created, accessible at https://www.chainstaff.info/.
A project board has been established to organize and track progress.
A Figma design file has been created, which can be viewed at:
Social Media (SoMe) accounts have been set up to enhance online presence and

Required Work

In the initial phase, it is essential to develop the chainstaff prototype and to gain a comprehensive understanding of the aeternity blockchain’s infrastructure.

Milestone 1
0a) Onboarding & Account Creation (CRUD): Facilitate user onboarding via various interfaces and enable account creation for both companies and users
0b) CRUD for Open Jobs: Offer the functionality to create, read, update, and delete job listings, including all necessary information, and publish them on the marketplace
0c) Referral & Application: Enable users to refer job listings from the marketplace to other users and allow these users to apply directly.
1a) Documentation and Testing: Ensure comprehensive documentation and thorough testing of all platform features and functionalities

Milestone 2
0a) Documentation: We will provide simple documentation for each contract, explaining their main functions nad their roles.
0b) Testing Guide: The code will have proper unit-test coverage (e.g. 90%) to ensure functionality and robustness.
1a) Smart Contracts Development: We will develop smart contracts that will deal with the payment handling
1b) Smart Contracts Testing: We will create several tests to ensure contracts capability.


We anticipate that Milestone One, encompassing both research and design phases, will require approximately 65 days with two full-time equivalents (FTEs) dedicated to its completion. Similarly, Milestone Two is projected to be completed in about 25 days, also with the engagement of two FTEs

Known Limitations

Will everything work as expected to solve the original problem?


Phased Market Opening: After establishing itself in Switzerland, Chainstaff plans to broaden its market reach.
Scalability and Adaptability: The project is designed to be easily scalable and adaptable, which is crucial for international expansion.
Regional Expansion: The next phase involves extending services to the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), followed by considerations for the EMEA and APAC (Asia-Pacific) regions. This expansion underscores the company’s ambition to have a global presence.


Confirmed. We have no active github repository for Chainstaff yet.


We will be maintaining Chainstaff free of charge.


Thank you for submitting your grant application for “Chainstaff: An Incentive Job Platform” to the Aeternity Foundation. Your project, aiming to revolutionize job recruitment using blockchain, is compelling and aligns with our vision of supporting innovative open-source development.

Could you provide an update on the project’s progress? Specifically, we’re interested in development milestones achieved, any challenges encountered and how they were addressed, user engagement feedback, technical implementation insights, partnership developments, and your next steps.

Your insights will help us understand Chainstaff’s current status and future directions. Looking forward to your update.

Dear all,

We are still working on the design aspects. At this time, we have not decided on which blockchain we’re going to use. Aeternity sounds interesting for the project; however, it is also new to us, which means quite a lot of extra work.

We were under the assumption that grants would be confirmed upfront and, if delivered, paid. Is that incorrect?

Best regards,

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Dear @SimonH ,

Thank you for your update. We understand the challenges of exploring new technologies like Aeternity and appreciate your diligence.

Regarding grants, they are typically confirmed upfront, with payments made upon completion or milestone achievements. If there’s any confusion or if your expectations differ, we recommend revisiting your grant agreement terms or reaching out for clarification.

Feel free to contact us for any further assistance or clarification needed.

Best regards,