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**Submited by Yoana Decheva, E-Mail [email protected]
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Coinstore integration


AE Ventures is the investment arm of the æternity Blockchain, providing initial funding, acceleration, and advisory support to blockchain projects.

AE Ventures is founded to improve projects’ chances of success utilizing public blockchain technology by providing financial, technological, product, marketing, accounting, and legal support.

Value Application

AE Ventures is working to strengthen and support aeternity blockchain by fostering new partnerships and providing greater visibility to the project. A step forward this direction is the integration of the ae token with Coinstore.
Integrating aeternity with Coinstore will enable further public access to the aeternity project and provide easier access to aeternity to the current and new community members.

Purpose: To support the integration of aeternity to Coinstore, aiming to provide more flexibility and easier access to the aeternity ecosystem from new and current community members and users.

Coinstore is a platform dedicated to the transaction of digital assets and the provision of related services. Coinstore, established in December 2020, is a prominent digital asset trading platform with a focus on emerging markets. The team comprises financial and blockchain experts from renowned institutions. With a global presence, including centers in the UK, India, UAE, Singapore, and others, Coinstore emphasizes localized services. Committed to global compliance, it offers diverse financial services, including spot trading, OTC services, Launchpad, wallets, staking, contracts, derivatives, and Labs. Maintaining its status as the preferred choice for initial launches, Coinstore prioritizes security, user-friendliness, innovation, regulatory compliance, community engagement, and educational initiatives.

Required Work

February - Integration and marketing preparation
February - March - Marketing and rewards distribution


As specified above, Between February 2024 and March 2024.


Thank you for submitting your application under the Community Growth category for the “Coinstore Integration” project. AE Ventures’ commitment to expanding the æternity ecosystem through strategic partnerships like Coinstore is commendable. We acknowledge the significance of making æternity more accessible and appreciate the clear timeline and objectives you’ve outlined for February and March 2024. Your proposal will be reviewed, and we look forward to the potential impact this integration will have on community growth and accessibility. :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

Hi @joanae, pleased to announce that your application for the “Coinstore Integration” project has been approved. AF is excited to support your efforts in making the æternity ecosystem more accessible through this strategic partnership with Coinstore.

Expect further details soon on funding disbursement and project support.

Congratulations, and we’re eager to see the success of this initiative. :rocket:

not even in top 10 exchange but whatever, AE needs more public access. Thanks for doing this.

Hi, does coinstore charged listing fees to foundation? Thanks in advance.