New Forum Structure (Categories)



i want to suggest a new forum category structure, especially the product part:

  • Product Development
    • Protocol
    • Dev-Suite
    • SDKs
    • Middleware
    • Mining Tools
    • Base Wallet Browser
    • Blockchain Explorer

Something like that, more feedback welcome!


These look like sub-categories to me in the currently existing categories. Protocol is already divided into sub-categories.


I think that having two parent categories (ex. protocol and aepps) and the relevant subcategories (aepps would include dev suite, base aepp, etc) is an okay structure.

It would address what @emin is proposing and only be 2 levels deep (what @ae-vlad is suggesting).


We should refrain from duplicitous content as much as possible. Enabling the structure above will create precisely that. I am however, very supportive of a product development category, I just can’t see exactly how it could be implemented. It will require major reorganization IMO.


I agree, we should have two parent categories

  1. Protocol Development
  2. Aepp Development

The category aepp Development should have following sub-categories

  • Wallets and Browsers
  • Explorers
  • Developer Suite and Tools
  • SDKs
  • Decentralised aepps
  • Middleware and Infrastructure
  • Documentation and Tutorials
  • AEXpensions Proposals