New series of CryptoCastle DEFI and DAO HackChallenges 🚀

Excited to announce the CryptoCastle DeFi and DAO HackChallenges, a new series of hackathons focusing on decentralized finance and decentralized autonomous organizations. Sponsored by

The æternity Foundation (AF), these events invite developers worldwide to innovate in DEFI and DAO using Sophia Smart Contracts through chatbots on the æternity blockchain. The goal is to accelerate the growth of DeFi through text-based solutions, calling on skilled individuals and teams in functional programming.

:hammer_and_wrench: Technology Overview: Experience æternity’s unique Virtual Machine (FATE VM) that runs Smart Contracts at nearly zero gas fees. Contracts are crafted in Sophia, an ML dialect designed for secure smart contract creation.

Participants will deepen their knowledge of DeFi & DAOs, and enhance development skills, especially in Sophia Smart Contracts.

:dart: Opportunity Awaits:

  • Learn æternity blockchain tech and Sophia Smart Contracts.
  • Practical experience in DeFi & DAO development.
  • Enhance skills in functional programming and Smart Contract creation.
  • Win up to $3,000 in prizes.
  • Opportunity for grants or investments from the æternity ecosystem.
  • Become a recognized member of a global developer community.
  • Work on impactful blockchain projects.
  • Network and collaborate with industry experts.

:bookmark_tabs: Requirements:

Build a chatbot allowing users to access DeFi services (powered by Sophia Smart Contracts) with their Superhero Wallet on æternity mainnet for it to work with [Superhero chat) that is based on a matrix chat. AI chatbots can provide, for example, personalized recommendations, research on-chain data, and offer conversational interfaces for users to interact with DeFi tools.

:rocket: Additional Points:

  • Usage of Sophia Smart Contracts.
  • Optional application of Acurast Oracles
  • Usage of Superhero Chat via Bots.
  • Result: Working Basic Product.

:rocket: How to Participate in the HackChallenges

  1. Create a Superhero Chat Account: Begin by creating your account on Superhero Chat to engage with the community and access essential resources.
  2. Register for the HackChallenges:
    * Join the Registration Room: After creating your Superhero Chat account, join the Registration Room. Here, you’ll find all the terms and conditions for participation.
  • Sign Up: Complete the registration process to officially enter the hackathon.
  1. Join the HackChallenge Room: This room is your hub for development tools, updates, and a place to ask questions or seek assistance from fellow developers.

Hackchallenges Timeline:

:date: Hackweek every 10 Days: A new 7-day period Hackweek gets kicked off, allowing 2-3 Hackweeks per month and a maximum of 36 per year.

7 Days of Intense Hacking:

  • Participants engage in intense hacking activities, working on their projects and receiving support from developers inside Superhero Chat.

Daily Open Hangout Call:

  • Every working day, there will be an open hangout call with all participants at a fixed time to facilitate collaboration and discussions.
    OUR FIRST KICK-OFF HANGOUT CALL IS SCHEDULED FOR TUESDAY 6th FEB AT 12:30 PM Looking forward to seeing everyone there

Judging and awarding

Judging and awarding of the projects developed during the Hackweek.

Prizes: *

:1st_place_medal: 1st - $3,000 USD
:2nd_place_medal: 2nd - $1,000 USD
:3rd_place_medal: 3rd - $500 USD
*(equivalent in AE coins)


:star:Judges from æternity ecosystem & Partners.

Will do the judging and awarding of the projects developed during the HackChallenges.

:trophy: Don’t miss this chance to shape the future of DeFi and DAO. Register now, and let’s build together! Stay tuned for further updates! :trophy: