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Hello, family, I am your old friend LiuShao.

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Status: New
Last updated: 15.06.2023
Submited by LiuShao, [email protected]
Team: WeTrue Team
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Open Source Development

Application Title

Space Dice


LiuShao.chain Lfh2msn · GitHub

Value Application

Currently there are many tokens on the AE chain that are only being deployed, as well as mint. [Space Dice] is a simple Dice game, it has a certain gambling nature. Many times people also look forward to having some fun in their spare time, such as using their tokens. At the same time we can attract other users to use and understand AE.

Definition of Terms

In a simple Dice game, players choose a start and end range of up to 9,500 numbers in 0000-9999, and the smart contract will give any random result in 0000-9999. Random numbers in the player’s selection range will be rewarded. The smaller the choice, the richer the reward.

Status Quo

The visual interface development has been completed, and the smart contract has been partially completed. We have released a version of bate based on AE Main Net in WeTrue.

Required Work

  1. Complete all development of SpaceDice smart contract
  2. Complete the UI operations
  3. Debug the consistency of smart contracts and UI data working together
  4. Conduct the test phase. To the last release


It takes about three months

Known Limitations

We are halfway through development, and the current version 3 test results are good.
Smart players can double their bets to win, and we are currently addressing this issue.


Once all development work is completed, promotional materials and rules of the game need to be created and promoted in the community and beyond.




As long as AE is running here, I will always maintain it


The video on Telegram looked really nice, could you add it here as well please? :slight_smile:

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Can you add the open source repository so that people can look into the current status quo of the contracts?

Also, can you please elaborate on the randomness part? How do you ensure real randomness without relying on an oracle?! I fail to understand this part as this is a known “issue”.

It’s still in development, but if all goes well, I’ll open source it.

For the selection of random numbers, I used several parameter combinations.

0000-9999 The change we are most concerned about is number four. That’s the thousands place.


This is a key AEX9 contract that makes up random numbers, and its total supply is increasing rapidly every second. We choose its units digits as the thousands of random numbers.

At the same time, I chose the timestamp, the difficulty, and the combination.

As long as we keep the 4th and 3rd digits difficult to get, and fast enough to update faster than the tx send completion time, then even if you know the random number in advance it is difficult to bet on it.

Also, I built an int into the contract state. It’s growing positively. The correct value cannot be obtained externally. And the entry and exit of pool funds will also affect the generation of random numbers.

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Did you, now? I think so too, haha.

Timestamps are perfectly forgable, I don’t see how you could use them for any sort of fair randomness. A miner can play with difficulty as well. I am genuinely curious how exactly you are making it safe.


go @LiuShao.chain , we want to see you succeed !

You can try adding this effect to the rolled number to make it look more like a slot machine ? Slot Machine Text Animation – CodeMyUI

@LiuShao.chain the Mdw had a bottleneck to process all these calls but a solution was deployed yesterday. I am sorry for any inconvenience.

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Hey @LiuShao.chain

Thank you for submitting your application for “Space Dice” to the Aeternity Foundation Grant. It’s exciting to see innovative projects like yours that aim to enhance user engagement with the AE chain through entertaining and interactive applications.

Could you please provide us with an update on the project’s current status? We are particularly interested in the following:

  • Development milestones you’ve achieved since the last update.
  • Any challenges you’ve faced during the development process and how you’ve addressed them.
  • Feedback from users on the beta version released on AE Main Net.
  • Progress on the development of the SpaceDice smart contract and UI operations.
  • Measures taken to address the issue of smart players doubling their bets to win.

Your responses will help us better understand the progress of Space Dice and how it aligns with our goals of supporting open-source development on the AE chain.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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It’s truly exciting to hear about your Space Dice project! Bringing a fun and engaging betting game to the AE chain is a fantastic idea. It’s clear that you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into the development process, and I’m confident that it will be a hit among users.Also, I’d recommend checking out vip casino games. Your project perfectly taps into this trend, offering AE users an opportunity to enjoy thrilling gameplay while utilizing their tokens.The progress you’ve made so far, with the completion of the visual interface development and partial smart contract implementation, is impressive.