[News] Aeternity technology valued by Dadvan Yousuf

In the interview for Cash.ch, Dadvan Yousuf, an entrepreneur, crypto expert and the youngest Swiss self-made millionaire, is critical of hyped “scam cryptocurrencies” and highlights how æternity technology makes difference!

Many cryptocurrencies have pump-and-dump games going on but a good coin has good technology, a profitable coin has good marketing and a very good coin has good technology and good marketing.

Read more: https://aeternity-crypto-foundation.medium.com/ae-technology-valued-by-dadvan-yousuf-2ba38269bb59

:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: Where is our marketing CEO, please? May I ask that we have good technology, but in which news website platform propaganda? (AE website and Twitter excluded) when did we set up our marketing and publicity department?

A very good coin must have good technology and marketing. Why aren’t you marketing?