[News] AF technically supports all Exchanges to solve Withdrawal/Deposit issues

Dear @charles,
Thank you and ae community for supporting us. We expect official positive announcements within the next two weeks from the exchanges.


hope so;thanks for you and team work。we will win!


that would be awesome, thanks for the update @lydia! :slight_smile:


I have been waiting for a year, and I can’t wait to withdraw my AE from Huobi. Anyway, thanks for the update.

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This is great news, Lydia! Thank you!

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Huobi Resumption of AE Withdrawals (13/10/2021)


What about other exchanges? Is there any promotion for a new listing or re-list?

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Hotbit had reopened the AE deposit and withdrawal functions in 2021. HitBTC accepts deposits (completed in 25 confirmations) and provides withdrawals in ae coins. Together with Gate and CoinW four exchanges provide full ae trading support. There is no security reason why the rest of the exchanges will not join the reopening/ relisting.


I think our top priority is to solve the problem of AE deposits and withdrawals on exchanges. As far as I know, AE is currently listed on 10 exchanges (Coinw, Hotbit, Okex, MEXC, gate, ZT, ZB, CoinEX, Huobi, HitBTC), of which only 4 are open for deposit and withdrawal (Hotbit, HitBTC, Gate , CoinW ), which is a very bad situation. I am a fan of AE, and I clearly feel that the popularity of AE has reached freezing point, both in the Chinese and English communities. AE’s performance in the marketing market can be said to be losing ground. Why doesn’t the AE Foundation try more? Such as landing on more exchanges. I’ve been looking forward to AE landing on Coinbase, which was also discussed by the community a long time ago, but it’s just been discussed. Maybe, maybe, spend some money to push this? Why not? @lydia @YaniUnchained @erik.chain @marco.chain

You can add Bitrue to this list: Bitrue - Leading Digital Assets Exchange

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