[News] AF technically supports all Exchanges to solve Withdrawal/Deposit issues

Thanks to all shearing their opinions on the withdrawals/deposits issues of some exchanges.

AF really needs the strong aecommunity support to achieve the bright feature of aeternity !

AF has an ongoing communication with the exchanges. If you have a constructive idea/approach how to fast resolve the deposit/withdrawal issues please feel free to contact us per Email: [email protected]. Any support to solve the exchange problems is highly appreciated!

However, please do not use this forum for unrespectable comments on the aeternity team and project, since we are serious and honest team and project and will not tolerate such behavior.

The communication language is mandatory English and all comments in Chinese or other languages will be deleted in this category.

A short overview of the current communication state with exchanges follows below.

Anti-attacks solutions were created after the first attack and successfully applied during the second attack. The security of the blockchain was continuously improved with Iris.

The core developers had done their best to keep the ae blockchain stable, secure and protected against cyber attacks. AF is thankful for their outstanding support ! Special thanks also to @gorbak25 for his extraordinary work with the core team during the attacks!

AF short term security plan was fulfilled and Iris is running. AMA Call on aeternity 51% attacks prevention with focus on AeCanary for all exchanges had been organized. AeCanary is online since several months and protects the blockchain.

AF offers permanent technical support and consulting to the exchanges as valuable stakeholders.

We are really grateful to gate.io and coinw exchanges for supporting the aeternity and making the normal ae trading possible!

The financial expectations of some other exchanges to cover their lost assets from the attacks could not be fulfilled by AF. Since a large part of the attackers’ tokens were locked on some exchanges during the second attack the foundation was surprised to find out that these exchanges kept silent. No redistribution of the attackers’ tokens to the attacked exchanges was done. This redistribution is a partial recovery of the lost assets and was required from some involved exchanges.

We really hope that the ongoing communication will resolve the withdrawal/deposit issues as well the redistribution issue.

AF wants to see all ae users happily enjoy trading soon. Otherwise, we will publish the attacks analysis and more communication details to the aecommunity.

First by AF Communication conclusions ;huobi should not be lost coin; no reason not to open charge.If Huobi refuses; the communication records of both should be sent; believe the community will contribute to urge Huobi resolve。
Second;The super chain as soon as possible is the key to the opening of recharge and withdrawal; because the super chain can pos pledge income after going online; This involves all earnings; all ae investors will put pressure on the exchange.
Final;Apply for other compliance exchanges such as coinbase can also boost morale; and expand users。
The team can strive to achieve the second and third points; Some users complain; because the 1,2,3 points have no effective progress。Thanks to af and your team for their efforts; come on!


Why can’t this information be published now? I am a bit confused :confused: do the exchanges have sth. to hide right now?


This press release has been shared!


This press release has been shared!

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I hope to have a good communication with the exchange. Most users just want to be able to trade freely, but they have been unable to solve the problem, which is why they are always dissatisfied with AE.

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Apply for other compliance exchanges such as coinbase can also boost morale; and expand users。


We want to know the specific results of the communication between the team and the exchange. Please tell us the definite answer, rather than let us guess by ourselves.
1:What are the requirements of the exchange?
2: What are the next plans and arrangements for the AE team about depsoit and withdraw?
3: Will AE can resolve the depsoit and withdraw ? when?


Please know the results of the conversation with the exchange.

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What is the next step for the project side? We investors must be aware of what the project side is doing. If the liquidity problem cannot be solved, let’s announce more details. If it is not announced, investors will only think that the project side will not act! The comparison is helpful for our investors to draw correct conclusions to support decision-making.

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What is the name of the exchange that want AF to cover their losses and the exchange with locked attacker token? I need name. Thanks.

Since AE was attacked by 51, the exchange has stopped Depsoit and withraw.
Among them, OK exchange suffered some losses. Why doesn’t the AE team bear the losses caused by this attack?
In other cryptocurrencies, when an attack occurs, the team takes the initiative to bear the loss quickly. Please AF give a reasonable explanation.
Escape and excuse are not warriors !

51 attack also can attend on btc;it is not the wrong of the team

i known that. But this kind of thing needs AF foundation to actively solve. Sometimes, even if it’s not your responsibility, you still need to bear the losses caused by others. Refer to what other cryptocurrency teams do.

Your logic is very strange, it is not your responsibility, will you bear the losses of others? ?

Please take a reasonable view of this issue. What we say here is no responsibility, not no responsibility at all. If AE is attacked, the development team of AE must take some responsibility.
As I have said before, the cryptocurrency attacked by 51 is not only AE, but also many. See how other teams take responsibility and solve problems.


Tell me the results of communication with the exchange.


What do you mean by reasonable view? If you want AF to pay for exchange losses that’s not going to happen and should not happen.



@lydia hi;I hope the team will announce the latest communication progress with the exchange.Currently huobi is announced that it will close by December 31.ae supporters are very worried they can’t mention the ae coin。This is very anxious; I hope the team will give priority.If community assistance is needed; it can be proposed; we work together!