[News] Liechtenstein OSS Country Intelligence Report 2021 is pointing to AF as a key player

Open Source Software Country Intelligence Report – Liechtenstein

Executive Summary from the Liechtenstein OSS Country Intelligence Report:

"While Liechtenstein does not have an appointed government entity for the development and supervision of open source software (OSS), the AEternity Foundation has emerged as a key non-profit organisation supporting the open source development of Blockchain technology and OSS more generally
in Liechtenstein.

There exists no formalised policy or legal framework to encourage the uptake of OSS solutions in public administrations throughout Liechtenstein. To illustrate, the Digital Agenda Liechtenstein 20192, the IT Strategy 2019-2023 the current Government Programme 2017-2021 and the eGovernment Strategy
2017-216 make no explicit reference to OSS.

A survey conducted in 2017 found that Liechtenstein had expressed willingness to develop their open source market. Given the country’s background in the provision of user-centric and interoperable eGovernment services and promotion of open data, there is a strong potential to incorporate the promotion and use of OSS within Liechtenstein’s public administrations."

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