NFT Killer app - ideas? :)

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I posted this on reddit already, but figured I could here too :slight_smile:

I’m kinda new to the entire NFT scene, but I understand the core concept and the tech behind it.

What I’m really interested in, is the way NFTs could be used irl. I’ve seen some instances where they’re used as an art form – storing digital paintings, prints, and the like; ideas of creating and storing game characters as an NFT to make your character unique; even sports highlight reels being created and sold/transferred as an NFT.

What do you think would be the best way to approach the use case/concept development of NFTs? Which direction may help create a “killer app” thing, of sorts for the NFT sphere so that, like, my grandma would get a grasp of the thing and maybe, juuuust maybe, start using it?


Your grandma might wanna be able to give her financial assets and titles to her family as heritage. She could use a simple to use app to declare what she wants to give to whom and which percentage and you could use the NFTs created to claim your inherited property and assets.


That sounds awesome! Realistically, it would make it all the more easy for folks to tokenise , well, pretty much anything!

IP rights also come to mind here, as in, who has the right to do what with which IP asset + divvying up royalties almost immediately. So many cool ideas come to mind!

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Though there might be legal and compliance issue as well, I imagine regulators are not too familiar with NFTs still :sweat:

That is true :confused: Though, you never know, some countries out there have been toying with the idea of using blockchain-powered solutions as means of simplifying real estate transfers/acquisitions. This could be achieved with, like, an NFT = a deed to a house, for example.

Still, I do think it will take some nerve (i.e. cojones) from a regulator out there to allow for a test run of some solution like that. (I mean, if it were to become a trend, a bunch of bureaucratic jobs in a number of state adminstration bodies would have to be cut - not a political move many would be willing to undertake I’d imagine :P).

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Shaq, Martha Stewart… could be my grandma isn’t that far away from NFTs, for all I know :PP

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Hope ae to break through in some area; achieve market value growth; and thus attract developers.Like e t h has a lot of developers; do eth ecology; not the team alone
If no developers can profit on ae; then the ecology is out of the question
The team started doing superhero; as hyperchain. two years agoThe entire bull market has lasted so long; the two projects are not yet completed.
For example, nft, defi has leading projects; on the team these development speed; can catch up with the tuyere?Can’t be big; does development make any point
The core of blockchain is token; and token value growth; to bring large users.Take superhero, for example; did the team think about how to promote and use it?Have you ever learned successful routes such as eth and trx, sol?
I am not complaining; I want the team to focus on successful matters; and consider how to apply them.Have long-term planning; not a few developers idea


Rest assured that all your feedback is taken into consideration and we will bring major news & updates on all ends: DEX/AMM, NFTs, Hyperchains, Superhero.

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Haha the kind of grandmas one wants to hang around with :smiley:

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El Salvador might be wanting to do something like that. Estonia is bound by EU regulation I guess, but El Salvador has more freedoms to implement something like that. Also Dubai I imagine might be up to something if it integrates with their Smart City concept & plans.

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superhero must issue its own token; has a nft attribute; the economic mechanism can refer to sand、axs。The blockchain is token driven; development and users who involved in the ecosystem can benefit。just play and earn

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Talking about regulation - check this out: S. Korean Regulator Says NFTs Are Not Virtual Assets: Report

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So now we can expect to freely trade NFTs from K-Pop band BTS :sunglasses: hahah

I think superhero can be a social nft platform。Anyone can reward and sell their own n f t work.superhero is preferably sandbox; everyone can build their own virtual social home; and trade. @vacuumtraveler.chain @Andrija92 @erik.chain

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Like the western American gold rush that attracts a lot of pioneers.superhero wants to succeed; it must have a good economic model to attract users.Like axs, sand; I think the time for virtual social is ripe; people need decentralized virtual social and economic platforms.

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