Notice regarding the recent attack

In light of the recent coordinated attack against a number of well known exchanges, the æternity development team strongly recommends NOT to initiate any AE transactions until further notice.

Further information will be communicated as soon as decisions are made between/by the affected exchanges and mining pools. If your account has been affected, please contact your exchange and wait for further updates and instructions from their teams.

To help disseminate relevant information, this post will be updated periodically to include links to statements from affected exchanges. Please see below.


Is there any progress for this? @theScientress.chain

The groupchat with the exchanges is in non-stop activity ever since,core devs are giving all support that’s needed. Glad the exchanges and mining pools are on bord on this.


Is there any progress for this? Most exchanges are still unable to fill and withdraw the currency.When will it return to normal?@theScientress.chain @nikitafuchs.chain

:information_source: Wallet to wallet transactions are safe & not affected.

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Some exchanges are able to fill and withdraw the currency.It return to normal. Such as Huobi.
I believe in AE, Now and in the future. It will give us many unpredictable results in the future.

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@East Huobi exchange is still unable to fill and withdraw the currency.

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I sent AE from okex to huobi before being 51% attacked. Huobi still not receive my AE and now I don’t know where AE is. Okex still lock deposit and withdrawal. can it return to okex when the okex upgrade node is done?. My transaction work normal in first time then it show null. Anyone can help me?

I have that same problem. did you get a solution. huobi opened the wallets today. but it says contact me ae. and the money is not reflected in my account.

hi everyone, I would like to know if the Ae network has finished its maintenance, then to know if all the tokens launching from December 10 in the exchange platforms are lost !!

What is going on now with AE mining? is there another new attack and why wallet at gate exchange not available?

is ther another attack by today? or? could someone please explain how it works

No, no worries guys. @gorbak25 has the latest info .


Lookin for some updates, anybody got them updates?

Being attacked by hackers, what’s the team’s solution to this problem? No plan for the next step?

Who knows when AE will release hyperlinks? When can the exchange open to charge and withdraw money? Now I really don’t see where AE technology is powerful?

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Hello @joink! You mean hyperchains?

Follow the updates here:

or all topics about the hyperchains:

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Briefly, æternity blockchain recently experienced multiple sieges against its network, but because of the heroic response by the community, not one of these malicious attacks prevailed.

Leveraging the highest security in the crypto ecosystem - What is next for AE?
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