November month meetup - Introduction to Aeternity

Hello everyone, I am conducting an introduction to Aeternity meetup with the WomenWhoCode Blockchain group on the 4th of November from 12pm EST - 1 pm EST.

This meetup would give an introduction to Aeternity blockchain, the various features of Aeternity and share some practical implementations of Aeternity.

Beginner audience with a basic background in Blockchain.


Here is the link to register:

P.S: The event is open to all. Looking forward to seeing you at the meetup!


Great! Looking forward to your first meetup @gyan0890 :slightly_smiling_face: I suppose this is a general meetup and not a hackathon?

Yes, its a general meetup :)! Is there anywhere else where I can publicise more about the meetup?

@gyan0890 Great!! You can share it on, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Whatsapp… any where you can reach your target audience :smiley:

Also please share your social media links here :raised_hands: :muscle:

And share the news about our upcoming DeFi Hæckathon :rocket: :pray:

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Sure. Will do :slight_smile: I am @gyanlakshmi on twitter and @asligyan on Instagram. I generally tend to post a lot on LinkedIn ( Sure, will share the DeFi Hæckathon news in the meetup :). Will keep everyone posted on how it goes!


Hey everyone! I had a great introductory meetup session :slight_smile: !! Will share the recording once it’s up on youtube!

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Thanks @gyan0890 ! Let us know about all questions and feedback as well please! :slight_smile:

Sure, I got a question on State Channels and how they are particularly different in Aeternity. Apart from that, I didn’t get any major questions as such. More interest on how solutions can be developed on Aeternity.


Great, please let us know @gyan0890 in case you need help with any of the questions, I imagine especially state channels are difficult to explain as of now, more tutorials are needed still.

Yeah for sure. I think I am also interested in doing my own research in the space of state Channels but any resource links that you have would be of great help :slight_smile:

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Basically all I can think of is this:

Do you have more ideas for where beginners can start to read about state channels @ae-omar ?

That’s a very good starting point. There is a demo app that was made, the coin toss game :

State channels are complex and still need some polishing based on developers feedback so I’m very happy that you will be working on it. Let us know how it goes.

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Hi Omar,

Thanks for the link, I have shared the same with the participant who had a doubt. She came back to me with another question:

Hi, I had a question - Regarding this link here

Do you have any idea about its implementation? The last part of the article is missing: Light node requirements and Future Work.

Let me know if you have any info. thank you!

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Hi @gyan0890, documentation hub still in process of being updated. Particularly in state channel we are a little behind on both examples and documentation. Anyway those two subject you are pointing are still for the future I think.

@dimitar.chain could bring us some light here?

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Hey team,
My talk video is out on youtube:
Please feel free to share your comments :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this great presentation @gyan0890! I sent you a tip on Superhero by the way :slight_smile:

Great intro to the technical stack of æternity from a conceptual perspective, also mentions of Hypermine and Superhero, congrats to your first meetup, very well done!! :clap::clap:

Hope you liked doing this, looking forward to your next contributions :smiley:

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