Number of simultaneous open channel limit?

Hi guys, we were diagnosing some message stalling problems with @dave when we decided to test how many channels between two peers, with the same settings, can be opened at once. We found that the limit seems to be 5 (five), when the channel status seems to go to CONNECTED, the server pong time outs, and transitions to DISCONNECTED.

If this is correct, node/sdk should return some kind of “max open channel count reached” notification I think.

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There is a configuration to limit the allowed websocket connections to the node. So depending on the node configuration you might run into this. However, in that case should shouldn’t be able to even connect. Beyond that the only restriction would be the funds of both parties. There is no other limit in regards to channels in place.

Also, in case your issue has been solved, could you mark the forum topic with the prefix [Solved]. I’ve seen you’ve done that a few times already, just not consistently. This would help others navigate the discussion very much. Thanks!

The behavior we saw was that the state went to “CONNECTED” indeed and immediately to “DISCONNECTED”. I can provide some testing script for this.

Yes, please provide the script. cc @Aleksandar