Official mining pool

Hey guys,

As I see, currently one of the core problems for us all is that more than half of the mining power is accumulated in beepool >70% and about 23% is f2pool. I’m not questioning the honesty of these mining pools but one of the core parts of the projects as stated by the team and then supported by all of the community is DECENTRALIZATION.

@ae-vlad AE Team, please consider creating an official mining pool, so to balance the current situation in mining.

Put down the same minimal amount of fee as there currently is on other pools and let miners on this pool to vote on which project (from the list of projects proposed by you) the accumulated fees will be delegated to.

As a long term supporter of the project, I’m willing to take responsibility for developing and supporting the front/backends of the website for the mining pool if needed.

Have you tried They’re in Europe. It’s the best pool and almost no one there.


Hey @ugran thank you so much for your suggestion :slight_smile:

Decentralization has always been a main priority for us and that is why the dev team has been hard working on Stratum support. The feature is now almost ready and will most probably be released in two weeks - check the latest update on the matter:

We’ll discuss internally your proposals and let you know what we’ve decided :slight_smile:


I didn’t start this thread because there are no good mining pools. I started it because there are no popular mining pools except beepool and f2pool, and one of them has 73% mining power.

To me that’s close to a catastrophe and AE needs official mining pool to somehow mitigate this situation.

Hi Albena,

What difference will the stratum support bring to the network? What are your expectations?

I hear you & agree, but, the big chinese farms use the chinese pools and I doubt there’s anything that can be done about it. I recommend leaving pool management to folks that do that and not distract these guys from the finding the next big ap so we can get the price up.

Hey, do you really believe an official mining pool would be more popular than the ones we have now? I personally think we’ll attract more criticism from the community than positive feedback and that the team will be once again accused of seeking personal gains.

The official policy from the beginning has been against setting up an official pool, but we will discuss your proposals further.

Thank you,

I’ll say it short:

  1. If 1 mining entity controls more than 50% of hashrate, the network is not decentralized.
  2. So we already have a centralized network.
  3. Now it comes to the players in the network… I believe the team is a better network holder than a beepool, and so will think 100% of the community I guess.

In this current situation there are only pros and no cons in creating the official mining pool.

Also I don’t think that official mining pool will gather more than 50% hashrate. It will only give the community another popular mining pool except the ones in china.

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@urgan we will release a helper to create pool yourself and get some liquidity outside of big corpo pools.

First, it will start soon with stratum beta integrated into node. Soonish!
There will be extra configuration to enable build-in stratum server in the full node.
It will benefit from closely monitoring chain.

Later work will focus on removing it to outside and making everything adjustable by final pool operators.

If it is adopted widely, it may change current pool mining pie chart.

Regarding your proposal, and this is my personal opinion, ae is not in a pool business and I think it would not be beneficial to distract from core development. Running pool is a lot of responsibility, security concerns, marketing, customer support - real company to run. Hopefully ae becomes a platform to facilitate this and many other use-cases, so you can run it for your and others profit!

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I disagree. The most useless thing that the Aeternity team can do is waste their time operating a pool.


At least implement some defense mechanism against 51% attack, I don’t know all the alternatives but here for example one of them:

This of course until the network gets strong enough and stable.