Open Call for Speakers and Topics for SuperheroLeague!

SuperheroLeague is open to the public: anyone from the community can join the stage and help get the conversation going!

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SuperheroLeague, the broadcast channel for blockchain updates and discussions, was created by the community—for the community. That being said, this is an open invitation to the community to pitch their ideas for next topics as well as speakers. It could be regarding relevant issues, existing æternity projects, or possibly future ones.

And yes, you can nominate yourself as a speaker! Everyone can become a superhero!

  • Еveryone can be a guest speaker and come on stage to share their experiences and points of view with the rest of the community. Everyone will be heard and everyone can make a difference!
  • Everyone can propose a topic for discussion - either for the general panel or for the Developers’ Playground.

Suggestions will be reviewed weekly and the SuperheroLeague team will curate and line up the topics and guests as best as possible. You may also visit for more information on upcoming and past editions.

So who do you want to see on SuperheroLeague? What topics would you like to discuss? Let us know in the comments!