Open call to developers through ASONACRIP

In an effort to broaden the search for developers interested in blockchain we made an alliance with the National Crypto Association (ASONACRIP).
In this opportunity, we held our meetup in the lobby of Teatrex theatre.
Despite we are halfway into Christmas near to 12 developers came to the meeting and exchanged opinions about possible uses of this technology and more specifically about aeternity.

One of those present had the idea to use blockchain to fund real state projects since he has a construction company.

Two other people approached us to ask if it was viable to give an in-company course to a group of 15 developers that want to learn about the aeternity blockchain platform.

So we keep working in order to make aeternity the go-to platform for blockchain project integration.


Great meetup @jcdelpino!! You are on fire these days, always pushing harder to bring æternity to the masses in Venezuela :fire: :venezuela:

Here are some more details about this meetup:

Topics presented: Introduction to the state of development of projects integrating Blockchain, detection of use cases for blockchain technology and their validation. Overview of the use of state channels and oracles.

Questions by the audience: How does the use of state channels affect transaction costs? Can more than two people participate in a channel? What are the differences between the æternity and ethereum platform?

Possible æpps use cases: The use of the æternity platform was discussed as to promote the financing of civil works construction where anyone can participate through the purchase of a Stable token.