OpenSource with æternity

ækiti SuperHeroLeague: OpenSource with æternity

The Brief

“OpenSource with æternity” a.k.a " Hacktoberfest Online Meetup in Ado-Ekiti" is a collaborative meetup to gather developers, writers, designers, from and beyond the ækiti æmbassy to learn about æternity, and Superhero while contributing to OpenSource to celebrate Hacktoberfest. Apart from Hacktoberfest goodies on submitting 4PRs, a contest of 300AE is attached to the meetup/league for attendees to grab.

Date: Friday, 16th October 2020

Time : 04:00PM - 06:00PM (WAT)

Venue: ækiti Jitsi Meeting Room


Save the Date: OpenSource with æternity

The Sessions

  1. Introducing Hacktoberfest
  2. OpenSource: A Tool For All
  3. æternity & Superhero
  4. Workshop: OpenSource with æternity

The Goals

  • Learning about Hacktoberfest
  • Learning about OpenSource
  • Having full knowledge of æternity blockchain
  • Learning how to write Sophia Smart Contract
  • Learning how to build as simple æpp on æternity blockchain
  • Perfect understanding of the Superhero platform

The Contest

The event contest is aimed to reward contributions using the Superhero platform. The contest will span 48 hours before the event to 24hrs after the event. Relevant contributions will span through æpps, ærticles, and dæsigns that are inline with OpenSource, Hacktoberfest, æternity blockchain, and Superhero. Participating in the contest as an attendee is pretty easy provided the contest rules are strictly followed.

The Rules

Participating in the contest simply means contributing to OpenSource on the aekiti/hacktoberfest2020 GitHub Repository.
The important rules are, you must:

  1. follow the provided contributing guidelines,
  2. have a SuperHero wallet [for more info on SuperHero visit Medium or YouTube], and
  3. make at least 1 social media post/tweet during the contest period using the Hashtags and Handles respectively.

The Reward

In this contest, 300AE will be awarded to contestants in the following manner:

  • Winner(1st Position) - 80AE
  • First Runner Up(2nd Position) - 40AE
  • Second Runner Up(3rd Position) - 30AE
  • All Contestants - 150AE

Learn More:


It’s official, follow the thread:




Awesome, looking forward to this! Could you please add the detailled agenda here so it’s easier to find?

Please don’t forget to update the dates here:

Also the guidelines link doesn’t work for me:

The date is Friday 16th October 2020.

The guideline link is:

Lastly the agenda is at:


SHL site updated ;)!! Massive kudos for this event mate !


Hello æfamily!

You would be able to Livestream upcoming #superheroleague on YouTube at:


As we anticipate videos from the concluded #superheroleague, check out the master slide for the DSC EKSU “One Hour with GitHub” event and the ækiti “OpenSource with æternity” league if you missed the meetups or you want to have a copy of the sessions.

See full event info at:


Yippy! “OpenSource with æternity” SuperheroLeague is now public on YouTube. As a bonus, the sessions have been divided into separate videos for you to enjoy. While we anticipate the written summary of the league, enjoy the videos at:


Hello again, if you missed the “OpenSource with æternity” SuperheroLeague, here is a complete summary of the league on Medium at: