Oracle: queryFormat & responseFormat (sophia types)

I already got an answer from @dimitar.chain regarding that topic here:

Since the thread had another title I create hereby a new thread.

I am not able to get a OracleRegisterTx working when using ABI version 1. Can anybody tell me what needs to be passed as parameters for all the different sophia types as queryFormat and responseFormat?

For string I tried what @dimitar.chain told me but unfortunately that didn’t work. I used this variable:

sophiaTypeString =
      "u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000 u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0001";

Need help :smiley:

You are not supposed to create oracles with ABI version 1 by hand :wink:
ABI version 1 means that it is encoded for AEVM and that isn’t something you normally do by hand.

If you create an oracle in a Sophia contract it will all be taken care of for you. If you are working with oracles in a non-Sophia context you are probably better off using ABI version 0 - i.e. plain strings.