Peer_password and secretpassword


Someone said that they should be the same, is this true? if not, what should i put in the keys:
dir: keys
peer_password: “secret”
,or should i just leave it unchanged?


according to what I have been told in another htread where I asked the same question , you shouldn’t put in zour wallet secret in there. Not safe.


Then what should we put in the epoch.yaml file??? What does this password do???


The password is a secret used to secure the random wallet addresses the node uses to mine blocks. Since you have set a beneficiary address the miner address is disposable.

You need to put there any random, secure, string of chars for the system to use. It was really important when you had the wallet created was used directly by the epoch node but that has been removed.

#5 this is the guide I have followed. this step
“./bin/epoch keys_gen secretpassword” and this “peer_password: “secret”” ,you mean I can put any character in the "peer_password: “secret” section?


or the “secretpassword” in “./bin/epoch keys_gen secretpassword” and the “secret” in "peer_password: “secret” should be the same?


yeah. you can put any password there.

And you can skip the “keys_gen secretpassword” part if you have a public ak_ address already from the sdk, the airvault or the aepps app


Thank you for your reply.