Phase 3 migration SUCCESS but still 0 AE balance

Apparently, I have successfully migrated teh ERC20 before Phase 3 using MEW:

However, you will note the AE address shows ZERO AE in it. I generated the address using my Ledger. Why do block explorers show zero? What did i do wrong?

Thanks In Advance!

Lima main net tokens probably show up in your account at the end of the month after completion of the hard fork

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Recommended to use metamask too not mew

Thx ominous, but I thought the phase 3 and 3rd hard fork already happened? But it was just the Eth contract freeze then I understand I will just have to wait.

Pivotal tracker says 9/9/19 deadline for Lima. Tokens migrate a few days after that

I think the 9/9 deadline is just to get the code ready. Date for activation not set in stone yet, probably late september

Yeah… That’s what I thought roughly

Yes, you are all right :slight_smile: @encom.lives your balance will be updated after the hardfork is activated - that will most probably happen around the end of September :wink: