Plan for TREZOR support?

Hello everyone,

Since I just had issues with my Ledger Nano S (it is dead now). Are there any plans to get AE token support in the TREZOR hardware wallet. Can we announce a bounty or something?

I have always preferred TREZOR. My first device still work flawlessly, while my Ledger (newer than my TREZOR) just died.


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I would also appreciate that! :slight_smile:


@ae-vlad is there any public data on the popularity of Trezor vs Ledger devices? What about a comparison of the level of security they provide?

the main disadvantage of the ledger is the need to install “apps” whereas it is sometimes not even possible to serve 3 different types of blockchains at the same time. so the enduser always needs to uninstall an app to be able to install another one. this is really user-unfriendly.

in terms of security I haven’t found the option to secure my ledger mnemonic additionally with a password. until now I think that is not even possible. so your funds are heavily on risk if your mnemonic isn’t secured good enough. please correct me if I am wrong :smiley:

I definitely prefer trezor over the ledger and would really appreciate if someone would work on the trezor-integration.


You can set a temporary password now in the Ledger via the security menu.

Generally, Trezor is 100% open-source, while Ledger has a “secure element” whose code is not revealed. Moreover, I find the Trezor much, much more user-friendly for a number of reasons.

How can we get Trezor support? What can we do? I would be happy to work on arranging this.

I can think of 3 arguments for this:

  1. Enough people use it for us to be a good idea to support it. Can we get any numbers on this?
  2. It is super user-friendly, therefore supporting it will help our own user-friendliness. I need to try it to verify this claim… and speak with some more users (to get more perspectives).
  3. It is more secure (or more trustworthy) than our current options. This may not be true. But if it is (or if people perceive it to be), it would be a good reason.

Is it possible to get any external data on #1 and #3 above?