Please help me find my AE

Hello I’ve been attempting to get my AE funds. I’ve been stuck in my airgap wallet with my amount I sent to my address, that states my amount I sent and the address. But the balance says 0. any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been working to fix this for a while but I haven’t been able to figure out the issue.

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Hi @tam05168, this might be an error with the wallet you were using, can you show us your transaction hash to check that all went well? From where to which wallet to which wallet was the transaction?

My Hash is th_2PsMaoW7hwd7uqvkrF5fUZqeanhcUxmNa4YZAGykuScvb7PQRM and the address the Ae came from was ak_dnzaNnchT7f3YT3CtrQ7GUjqGT6VaHzPxpf2efHWPuEAWKcht and the recipient was ak_WYP8VFmiHG92K8JSnFC5egzc9pzL5pHtXrYK6UpRXhmfi7LL6. Tyhank you again for helping me with this.

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Your transaction has already been confirmed over 10,000 times, so it seems all went well with the transaction itself. Maybe the problem is with AirGap wallet not showing the balance correctly. Though these issues should be resolved these days and you should be able to see your balance again correctly. In any case if you need to move your funds urgently, you can export your AirGap wallet to another wallet using the seed phrase, but I suggest you to wait a few more days until the technical issues with AirGap balance display are resolved.