Please update the baseapp to the newest version of the sdk

Hello team!

it’s Moritz from dacade.
It would be great if you could update the baseapp to be compatible with the newest version of the sdk. So we can run our daepps with the newest version of the protocol.

Thank you for your help:)


This might take a while. I think @stoyan.chain can give a short statement here. The base aepp is open source and currently not under active development by anyone specific. The aeternity crypto foundation would most likely support this effort if a proposal towards updating the SDK gets submitted. I will update here and also reach out to a couple of people to check the best possible path forward here.

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the currently supported and stable 6.1.3 version of the sdk also supports the latest protocol version, there is no issues to keen using this for some time

I think people who code apps always use the latest SDK, when they do, it breaks in the base aepp (this is my understanding).

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@milenradkov.chain is responsible for base æpp dev/maintenance. he can speak to the sdk update.

Yes, exactly. We could tell them in the tutorials to use version 6.1.3 but if this version will at some point stop working with the baseapp, all the aepps that the learners of dacade have been created won’t work anymore. I would like to avoid that so that new learners can try out and learn from the aepps that have been created by their peers in the past.

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The latest version of the SDK was released 9 days ago, and as it contains some breaking changes, it will take a bit more for us to make sure everything is working as intended before we include it in the next releases.


Is there an ETA when the Base aepp will be updated to the latest version of the SDK?

Many app developers also just include the latest SDK version this way and this will also break their app if the Base aepp is not up-to-date with the latest SDK

<!-- include latest SDK version -->
<script src=""></script>
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We’ll try to update it this week, so you can expect a new release early next week (Monday most likely).

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This is not a good practice, as for all future updates to the SDK it will break dependencies. Today it is just base-aepp. In the future it can be multipe wallet providers. The better practice should be “know-your-tools” if you depend on an update of the sdk for compatibility, security or features, do a manual update with prior research of the implications.

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I’m totally up to create a best-practice list for developers. If we have that transparent and people adopt them I think we can safe a lot of time and pain for everyone involved :slight_smile: for most of the app developers I’ve spoken to, the base wallet is an essential part of their aeternity stack, they expect it to work (also because there are no tutorials with alternative use / interaction with aeternity apps right now). Both need to be prepared.

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