[Poll] Which editor do you use for writing Sophia code?

Since Sophia is mature and kicking I think it would be nice to get an idea of which editors are used by community members. This could help prioritize editor support in the future to make Sophia even more pleasant to work with.

If an editor is missing, just mention it in a comment and I’ll add it to the list of honorable mentions.

  • Emacs
  • Vim
  • Visual Studio Code - extension
  • Atom
  • Sublime Text
  • Neovim
  • Eclipse
  • Spacemacs

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Honorable mentions:


what about providing a language server for sophia?

@icarus told me about it and thought about implementing it. but we are currently busy with other stuff


Interesting. This would be useful for various editors which support the language server protocol.

For reference: List of language server protocol implementations

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The language server is interesting indeed.

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I use intellij/webstorm or contracts.aeternity.art :wink:

Well, apparently one can’t change a poll after 5 minutes. So Webstorm will stand as a notable mention. Sorry about that.


I’m surprised that Visual Studio Code has such a following among the forum users (so far)…

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@Ambassadors @LeadAmbassadors if your local community is interested in getting better support for VSCode and potentially other editors I encourage you to support this proposal:


Webstorm I like to use it, but 19 years of plugins are out of date, many methods have been reported errors, I hope to update

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