Port Alfred's first Aembassador meet up

I hosted the first meeting here in Port Alfred on the 30th of November(Saturday)! Letting them introduce themselves so they feel more comfortable and get to know each other better, after that we had a brief discussion about aeternity as well as the aembassador program and the base app, answering any questions they had. There were only 5 members that attended which i hope will grow as i host more meetings. The next meet-up ill be going into more detail about Aeternity.

If anyone has any tips of their own for meetings, please feel free to share


Congrats for your very first meetup @Chadrlewis! :clap::clap:

I would recommend you to send the participants some AE tokens so they can play around with AENS and the grafitti æpp during the meetup (both can be found in the base æpp; https://chainna.me/ & https://graffiti.aeternity.com ). Also you can use some of the explainer videos from the dacade playlists depending on the knowledge the participants have about blockchain already (Intro to blockchain or æternity 101: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC08wXfDvuqBJvuZfNZkv3xQ/playlists). Finally, you can go more in-depth into the use cases that are already being built on æternity, the Starfleet teams: http://aeventures.io/portfolio.html

If there are developers in your audience I recommend you to follow up with them separately with the æternity 101 course on dacade and our tutorials & dev setup: https://github.com/aeternity/hackathon-prague/blob/master/dev-setup.md & https://github.com/aeternity/hackathon-prague/blob/master/examples-tutorials.md

Thanks for the tips!
I’ll give the members AE tokens after the next meeting or when they all have the base app installed and ill let them know about the Starfleet team. ill keep a sharp eye for developers that want to join in and want to be apart of æternity.
Some of the members are still new to blockchain so I’m going to be using the dacade playlist a lot with them.


By the way this was the first meetup in South Africa!! :rocket:

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Congrats Chad, I would suggest to offer meetups in Universities near by, try to recruit developers interested in knowing more about blockchain technology.

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Glade to be the first to host one here:grin:

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Unfortunately there is only one here in Port Alfred and it’s for cooking but I’ll try. See where that goes