[Postponed] Dice Roll (gaming) Status channel + Sophia development

Hello, family, it’s a great pleasure to meet you again. I am your old friend Baixin, and I am also Aens Market, Vegas, and AEBox Wallet developer, this time I have a preliminary idea to verify, there is no actual application of status channels in the community, this time I plan to make a small game through the status channel, to make the status channel to be used and promoted

Application Status

Status: Postponed on the 07.06.2023, submitted on the 14.04.2023
Last updated: 14.04.2023
Submitted by Baixin , [email protected]
Team: AeBox Team
Approved Budget (in h):
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Planned Delivery:

Specify the funding category

Open Source Development

Application Title

Dice Roll


baixin.chain sunbx (Baixin) · GitHub

Value Application

It is well known that AE blockchain is very strong, but few people know about it, and many people care about the price of AE rather than the technology itself. For so many years, the actual application of the State Channel is very few, so many people do not know about the State Channel. At present, I plan to apply the State Channel to the application that can be deployed in the main network, so that the community partners and people in other communities can understand the advantages of the State Channel Aepp itself is also a gambling application, which can promote on-chain activity and user stickiness, so that ae blockchain can have a better development and investors can see the actual status channel application

Definition of Terms

It will be a web site, or integrated with Box Wallet, which is an open source smart contract , Users can sign a contract the on chain, roll dice (an ancient Chinese gambling game) the off chain, and calculate the number of points on the chain, making the operation easy and addictive for users

Status Quo

The technical research has been done, the initial idea has been implemented

Required Work

  1. Complete the development of dice smart contract
  2. Complete the combination of status channel and smart contract
  3. Complete the UI operations
  4. Conduct the test phase. To the last release


It takes about three months to six months

Known Limitations

At present, I am also learning the status channel. I may ask some technical questions, and I will raise them in the forum at that time


1.Aepp has video presentation after all the work is completed
2.BoxWallet integrates this application and anyone can use it because it is decentralized




As long as AE is running here, I will always maintain it


cool!!! my xin!

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Dear @Baixin.chain,
thanks for this game application. AF is postponing the dice grant application.