[Postponed] The squid Game on Based on the Box App improvements of the proposal

Hello colleagues of the Foundation, we are old friends, Squid games are popular in Korea,I want to make a game integration based on Box App, using contract and oracle, AE will be the chip

Note that the game will comply with local laws and regulations and will be available in countries with open blocks. It will not be available on Chinese app stores


Application Status

Status: Postponed on 15.10.2021, Submitted on 27.09.2021
Last updated: 27.09.2021
Submited by: Baixin, [email protected]
Team: Box Team
Approved Budget (in h):
Used Budget (in h):
Planned Delivery: in ~20 weeks.

Specify the funding category

Open Source Development

Application Title

Box aepp : An extension to the game on the Box APP


Bai Xin

Value Application

It can quickly increase the stickiness of AE users and increase the utility of wallets. At the same time, in the process of the game can also be collected, which can accelerate the ecological development of AE. Because the code is open source, the usage scenarios of smart contract and predictor are given examples so that more developers can learn from them.At the same time, games are more colorful for blockchain. Because everyone needs to be entertained

Definition of Terms

The idea for this game came from a recent TV game from Korea (Squid Game)

The idea is as follows:
1.The game is divided into two teams, red and blue
2.The red team is responsible for creating the pool of funds, to which everyone can add AE(It is a team, similar to the project organizer in the squid game)
3.Blue team a random number for the draw, 1AE/time the random number is not greater than the total amount of the capital pool(The blue team is an individual, independent, similar to a participant in a squid game)
4.If the blue team wins, they will receive AE from the pool. If they don’t win, their chips will be split equally among the red team

Status Quo

Box aepp At present, Box App has been relatively mature and is a popular wallet for AE. In the first half of this year, other public chains were also integrated to facilitate mutual drainage, expand the number of users, and attract external chain users to AE.
The technical research for the game has been completed and is now ready to start

Required Work

Need to write Box game module, page display
Need to write Contarct ,The contract contains the rules of the game
Need to write a predictor because that’s how you get random numbers
Final integration and test release


Box aepp :Game It takes about three months to six months

Known Limitations

Staff development costs and server costs


Doing a good job in every product is our team’s original intention
This game will be like any other product, where interaction and usage habits are level one


Box aepp Published to GitHub, And I am glad to migrate the repository to Æternity’s github.


As long as AN AE is running here, I will always maintain it


support it;cool idea!

good idea(ง ˙o˙)ว


Due to personal reasons, the development of the squid game will be delayed,Specific start time, waiting for notice


Any news @Baixin.chain ?

Due to personal reasons, the development of this proposal has been delayed. We will update it as soon as there is any new information

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Ok, thank you! Wish you all the best

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