Problems with posting on superhero

hi, friends. When I tested superhero, I found a few problems. I am not sure if this is a program update or a bug!
The contract fails and no reward is paid to the target address
The timestamp of the post is incorrect, the home page shows the content of the target website is incorrect, but the personal page is correct
Can’t reply to this topic

Hey @KANKAN101, so you tipped and you’re saying the tip could not be claimed, is that so?

Yes, you can go to the superhero test site. Specific questions.

My address: ak_nuPfxjAZB3XA7dvhiRwagrN1gt7kq6vHpQvdVom3ABkVyXbcP

When I open the link you tipped:
I don’t see an AE address pasted there.

The receiver of the tip needs to have their AE address pasted in the page’s HTML in order to claim the tip.

I see @LiuShao has posted his AE address here for instance, maybe he can report if he managed to claim any tips.

Can you give some tokens to this address? I know that Mark organized a test group and gave them some AEs to let them feel the magic of superheroes. I feel very little to take the test. Can I apply here? I guarantee that all AEs are used for testing. There is a donation address on the homepage

@milenradkov.chain Can you investigate, please?

I see no description here if claiming with superhero extension containing this address has been tried

block_hash mh_MSNx8ii1bTbYEjnP8HnQ8oZQPVJMLcdPJsnufMazawEMcSxch

@albena.chain @philipp.chain I have some questions about superhero.

  1. If A sends a tip to B on the page, does B have to log in to superhero to receive the tip?
  2. I found a “claim tip” button here. Do I have to click this button while opening the URL to receive tips?

@KANKAN101 你需要对方登录superhero才能接收到小费。登录superhero,打开被打赏的网址,点击superhero中的“claim tps”,小费到账 。也就是说,如果对方的地址不能登录superhero,这笔小费则要等1年后才能退回。在网页中添加打赏地址时,最好不要用使用除superhero之外的其他钱包地址。因为superhero默认使用路径(m/44h/457h/0h/0h/0h)对应的地址,而目前superhero只支持显示主账号((m/44h/457h/0h/0h/0h)路径对应的地址),如果要添加Baseaepp、Waellet、Airgap的地址,则应该使用第一个地址(默认显示的地址,该地址路径为(m/44h/457h/0h/0h/0h))。
子账户 1:m/44h/457h/1h/0h/0h
子账户 2:m/44h/457h/2h/0h/0h
子账户 3:m/44h/457h/3h/0h/0h
子账户 4:m/44h/457h/4h/0h/0h
子账户 5:m/44h/457h/5h/0h/0h

子账户 n:m/44h/457h/nh/0h/0h

May be helpful to you.

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Hello @bigtree.chain,

Yes, right now claiming a tip is not automatic, you need to open the tipped page, open the extension and click on “claim tip”.