[Proposal] Foundation prorities / wishes

Just a quick note or suggestion - seeing other foundations in action, maybe it will be good for Aeternity Crypto Foundation to outline their priorities and/or wishes publicly.

This way individuals will be able to propose topics/projects that are more aligned with the ACF vision.

e.g. https://esp.ethereum.foundation/en/wishlist/

cc @Foundation


OMG yes!! Communication and openness and clarity and community participation please!

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totally support this idea!

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I Can’t agree more

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@milenradkov.chain Thank you very much for your suggestion how to improved the ACF (Aeternity Crypto Foundation) presentation.

Etherium web site can inspire, but I do not think that the ACF can compite on a large scale presently, because of the limited funds.

ACF had open the application process to the community. Any community feedback is highly appreciated in the evaluation process. ACF web site and process reflects the categories to be supported for the projects and the assigned grants.

Please tell us what do you want to see in the wish list for the aeternity system for the next year? Which are the desired projects for the next six moths and their priority? How do we make the aeternity system more popular and successful? Your constructive feedback is wellcome!

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