Proposal: use Emin Gun Sirer's Snowball for consensus

At web3 summit, Emin Gun Sirer presented his new project, Avalanche, which uses a new type of gossip-based consensus, Snowball. Here’s how he presented it - “there have been 3 major developments in consensus algorithms. The first is BFT from the 80s. Then there was Nakamoto consensus. And the latest development is Snowball”.

Quite the statement, indeed. But it does seem to be very efficient. Read the whitepaper and see for yourself that it works with their live javascript demo.

I propose that we use this in aeternity in a future hard fork. Of course, since there is no ‘block winner’ now, rewarding coins to people to run the nodes needs to be done in a different way. But with this consensus, and with a different coin rewarding mechanism, we could really incentivise people to run the node on their smartphones (excluding storage costs).