Public Developer Hangout [call with the æternity's devs]


Hey all,

The Public Hangout starts in about 1 hour!

Join us here:

You can ask all your questions in advance here in this thread!




I have two questions:


@ae-albena I think I still haven’t received answers for the last questions I had. unfortunately it was not possible for me to participate in the public hangouts until now :frowning:

can you write down the answers from the last calls where no recording is available?


Sorry, Marco, I’ll ask the developers to address them right away :wink:



Here is the recording from today’s (Vol. 4) Public developer Hangout:



Regarding state channels. In general – aeternity’s would do most of what Lightning could do if I understand correctly? Definitely from a peer-to-peer standpoint? Is this correct?


Are state channels/off-chain solutions better than VMs which are on-chain? If so why?


I have another question… How many sidechains are currently processing transactions?


Hey @AngelinaPresley, the off-chain scalability solution that æternity is using are state channels - there are no limit to the number of state channels a user can open and use, nor to the transaction processed through the state channel.


Thank you for the explanation, what I was asking was could you please confirm in total how many state channels are currently open and processing transactions at the moment?


Hey all,

You haven’t forgotten that the next public hangout is tomorrow, right?

Ask all your questions here and the devs will answer them during the call :slight_smile:

Tune in at 11:30 AM CEST -



We are starting in a few minutes :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I failed to record the public hangout, I am very sorry about it :frowning:

But, we will try to answer the questions here and whoever is interested in State Channels and couldn’t participate, can tune in the Telegram AMA Session with Dimitar Ivanov tomorrow -



I will try to record the next hangout myself, since the problem is most probably related to internet connection speed and computer hardware.

Apologies for this!

Nonetheless, this we still prefer to use open-source tools, although they may not be perfect.


Hey everyone,

The next public hangout with æternity’s developers is scheduled for this Wednesday!

We are eager to hear your questions - please ask them here in this thread!

Talk to you soon - April 17th, 11:30 AM CEST -



Don’t forget the hangout is tomorrow!
Looking forward to hearing your questions :wink:


Hey all,

The hangout starts in less than an hour :slight_smile:

Join us at 11:30 AM CEST here -

P.S. Come ask questions so you’ll be prepared for the (Æternity Trivia Quiz in Telegram) tomorrow :smiley:



This call will be moved to a live-stream of the every Friday Product Coordinators Weekly Call. The recording of todays call is available here

Product Coordinators Weekly Call


Thanks for the call+recording!
Maybe a question for the next call or it can be answered here: are there any active checks in place to detect double spending or inflation?


Hey @justin, we have a Product Coordinators Call today and you can join :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to the room -

Join at 12 PM CEST :wink: