Public Developer Hangout [call with the æternity's devs]


I would like to introduce a public hangout with Sergei and me (æternity - Blockchain for scalable, secure, and decentralized æpps) on a weekly base for everyone who is currently building something on aeternity or wants to build something in the future.

Our goal is align the different projects better and of course we will answer questions.

Join us Wednesday 13th of February, 11:30 CET: Jitsi Meet

If this doesn’t fit your timezone the next hangout will be on 20th of February 17:30 CET, hosted by Sergei & John Newby (æternity - Blockchain for scalable, secure, and decentralized æpps)

There is also a draft for improvement proposals by Sascha Hanse and it would be great to get some feedback:

Looking forward!


If you run or use Brave please deactivate the “shield” on or you won’t be able to hear anything.


Doesn’t work great on mobile either :frowning:

So what’s the outcome? what have you discussed? Any great ideas, guy?

We mostly discussed latest developments and what comes next - we’ll share a recording soon.

Next public hangout will be on February 20th!


We will repeat that kind of calls in the future. Unfortunately could not handle all the load. We might try a public google hangouts / meet next time (even we’d prefer to use an open source, encrypted alternative like

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Is there a recording somewhere? Unfortunately I could only attend parts of it and would like to rewatch it.

Hi @pascuin, here it is Dropbox - ae-dev-hangout on 2019-02-13 11:18.mp4 - Simplify your life :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great, thanks. Keep in mind that these calls are also a good way of communicating the current progress to the broader community. It would probably be a good approach to host these sessions on a more accessible platform like Youtube.

Hey @pascuin, we are trying to make those sessions as accessible as possible but at the same time we aim at choosing a more secure platform.

For now, the second Public Developer Hangout is happening on the same platform and we will analyze afterwards whether we should change it :slight_smile:


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Hello everyone,

Don’t forget that the second Public Developer Hangout is taking place tomorrow - February 20th!

This time it will be in the afternoon - 5.30 PM CET!

Same place - find the link to the call here.

Talk to you tomorrow :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I understand, but the platform where the call is held and where the recording is being uploaded too are two different shoes. The recording should be as accessible as possible as well as communicated through all the channels.

We will do that, but the first call was more or less a test one and there were not so many questions.
So, from the second one on we plan on sharing the recording around as well :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone,

Here is the agenda for today’s Public Developer Hangout:

  • state channels update
  • core team development update
  • SDK team development update

Please ask your questions on these topics or any others related to development here in this thread.

And tune in at 5:30 PM CET here: Jitsi Meet

Talk to you later :slight_smile:


Questions for the Aepp-Developer:
I follow Aeternity from a user perspective and I cannot wait to have aepps to play with and get my friends involved. So what is the state of the aepp development? I am also very interested in the messenger app (listed on base aepp). But as I understand the messenger is currently not a priority. :frowning: But I think it would be really helpful to bring people to Aeternity by having a cool messenger app to chat, where I can also send AE easily e.g. with usernames. (Something like , but of course cooler :wink: )What other enduser apps can I expect within the next 3 month? What is the status of the proof of existence aepp, and when will I be able to use this (easily)?
Are there any “fun” aepps in the pipeline? Like little games. Something like CryptoKitties or Cryptofighters. Just to show how fast Aeternity is and to easily get non-IT people involved. Thank you very much! Chris

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I really love that you use Jitsi and not Google Hangouts (for privacy reasons)! :clap:


Maybe you could also consider publishing the video and Aeternity News on

And another question for the developer:
Privacy: As I understand the philosophy of Aeternity was, that if somebody would need private transactions, he can go off-chain and use state channels. Tezos blockchain announced that they will add the zk-SNARKs protocol (of ZCash) for private on-chain transactions.
Has Aeternity discussed measures for on-chain privacy? And what is your opinion on zk-SNARKs (in regards to Aeternity)?

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your questions are answered during the call! we will share the recording later. have a look :slight_smile:
For next time, join us and have a chance to talk with our devs directly!

is it possible to execute smart contract function automatically ? e.g. executing smart contract when reaching some block height without interaction from outside world.

your question is being answered right now! :slight_smile: why don’t you join the call? Jitsi Meet / if not, we will share the video later. and please join next time :wink:

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