Public Developer Hangout [call with the æternity's devs]

Best practice on AE to generate cryptographically secure random number generator ?

Hello everyone!

We will be adding all hangout recordings in this YouTube playlist:

Both currently available recordings have been added.



I’ve missed this meeting again… Such a pitty :weary:

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@Ayyslana1 It’s a pity really :frowning:
At least you can watch the recording now and try to join next time.
In the meantime, is there anything in particular you wanted to ask our devs?

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

The next Public Developer Hangout will happen this coming Wednesday - March 6th, 11:30 AM CET, same room: Jitsi Meet

Save the date and ask in advance all your questions here :slight_smile:

We are looking forward to talking with you!

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I would like to know about the plans to introduce a native standard token which then can be used for deposits and withdraws to/from state channels. is that on the roadmap and if yes, what’s the priority for it?

comment about standardized tokens generally:

  • I would also like to see the possibility to transfer multiple tokens within one transaction

I find Googles really useful to check vailidity of transactions and already mentioned in our Java SDK thread that you should consider providing an API for that. In my opinion - if not too expensive - it would be really useful to have that validity check provided through the core API (maybe only in debug mode) because the network_id can always differ and Googles can actually only be used to check the validity of mainnet transactions.

Of course it could be cloned and adapted to point to the local network. But what’s your opinion about that?

Thank you for your questions @marco.chain, our developers will answer you during the call tomorrow :wink:

I would be driving on the road at 11:30 AM CET today, so I list 2 of my questions here:

  1. The python SDK is not accomplished as the js SDK, but it can be integrated with many applications, and there are a lot of python developers too, can the developing of python SDK be accelerated a bit more?

  2. A continuous massive of transactions was noticed by aeknow at about height 46735, and the packing of microblocks seems to be stalled, that is, there are 30k+ tx in the mempool, but zero microblock were mined, as the picture shows, and the keyblocks mined in 24 hours is only ~450.

I dicussed with beepool and f2pool’s tech in Mark’s dev group, the problem under high tx pressure maybe:
a)The performance of packing node is too low? Beepool’s full nodes are all 2 cores, 4G RAM; f2pool’s full nodes are 4 cores, 8G RAM, and 2 cores 4G ram. They were in a high load at that time.

b)Is there a throttle mechanism of packing transactions? When the pending tx is huge(30K+), the normal transactions packing seems be stalled.

That caused and other wallets could not transafer.

And we were not sure about the exact reason, but the day of massive transactions daily would come eventually, this maybe a potential problem to be solved.

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I forwarded this info to the team. Looking forward to their reply. Thanks for noticing this.

when will the recording by published? :slight_smile:

Yeah ability to create tokens that can be deposited and used in state channels is really top priority I guess.

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Hey @marco.chain,

Unfortunately, we couldn’t record this time, it seems like the room we used could not handle so many participants.
However, our devs will write here the answers they provided during the call.


any updates on that front?

Hello everyone!

The next Public Developer Hangout will take place on March 20th (this Wednesday) at 11:30 AM CET

Post your questions here, or ask them during the call. :slight_smile:


@vlad.chain Wrong month there I presume, it is March right?

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Thanks, Hans. I fixed it! :slight_smile:

Hey all,

The Public Hangout starts in about 1 hour!

Join us here:

You can ask all your questions in advance here in this thread!



I have two questions:

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@albena.chain I think I still haven’t received answers for the last questions I had. unfortunately it was not possible for me to participate in the public hangouts until now :frowning:

can you write down the answers from the last calls where no recording is available?