Will there be mining pool from ae team?

It’s glad to see the plan of CUDA miner :Add CUDA miner install documentation by dincho · Pull Request #1240 · aeternity/aeternity · GitHub

Will there be mining pool from ae team later?

Hello Liu,

So far we have no intentions of organizing a mining pool.


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Thank you very much!

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You are very welcome! :slight_smile:

It seems like if you have the developer expertise with a bit of time, this might be something worth adding to the list. The concepts are there:

  • Create a plug-and-play mining pool application that anyone can start up on a server. This would solve the problem of hashing concentrating into one pool. Currently, Beepool has over 60% of the hashing pointed at it’s pool.

  • Because people will tend to go to large pools to more ensure continuous rewards for their partial hash power contribution, consider to decentralize mining pools (if feasible). For example, a step further than making a plug-and-play application as above, is to create the same which collaborates with other pools on the same application. The pools can be anyone’s pool, but they share rewards between pool based on each pools hash contributions. Which get further divided to users per pool. Something along these lines. This would even more ensure no single pool can catch up with the collective of miners in a decentralized pool network.


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Hey @_dog

We are currently working on providing Stratum support in the æternity node!
The main goal is to enable any æternity node to become a mining pool.
So, please be patient and thank you for your support :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Thank you Albena! That sounds great!!

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See Albena’s response to my question in your thread here. :slight_smile:

I agree with 1. Even open sourcing any pool software would be great. And the notion that the AE team doesn’t have that in a drawer somewhere is laughable in my opinion. To borrow.a meme: 2rgqdm

2.) Well. That is feasible too! Considering the entire Blockchain is not fully resilient yet (hashpower) at the moment doing this should be a priority. But there are caveats that need to be considered (see bottom).

How could that look like?

A balancing algorithm that takes hashpower distribution as input and follows a public goal function when “assigning new miners to pools”. This algorithm cannot be a centralised compute unit for.obvious reasons (DOS, censorship). Could this be a zero-margin SC-based pool ? I can get behind building that if.it is.sufficient for Aeternity’s Starfleet program.

What are the caveats? Well, running this on the AE mainchain incurs potentially too many costs and is a performance risk. Time is relevant with Block propagation times being a factor. Also, doing it in a more.autonomous way as a standalone piece of P2P software could work too but would be a tougher challenge. I could get behind that too but that needs a bigger team.


Well that is.cool. guess my post is obsolete in a sense.

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We are waiting so impatiently for this!

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Sounds like a good reason to go back to hosting an AE node again.