Pull-request for new information on the website

I created a PR ~10 days ago for the website:

Can someone merge this or request changes if necessary?

@ivaylobadinov.chain or @dincho.chain Can you help here?


Sorry, wasn’t paying attention during holidays and other priorities and probably missed the notification.
I think it is not a problem to list the explorers, but I had a feedback that there were some issues with ArkaneNatwork wallet and I suggest to not list it until get a confirmation they are resolved.
Tough adding new links is usually a sensitive task.

Thank you for your contribution, please check the PR

thanks for letting me know. regarding ArkaneNetwork I would like to know what issues occured? I guess @Karel would also like to know about that

@ivaylobadinov.chain any feedback regarding ArkaneNetwork? I mean I can drop it as requested. but I would like to know why

Who is Arkane?

Who are the people behind?

Anyone of them introduced themselves to us in this forum here?

Anybody using their services or software here?

Wallet provider for different blockchains

We had a video-call with @vlad.chain back then:

And @Karel proposed the “PayingForTx” which I think now is part of the procotol (at least with the upcoming hardfork):

I personally use it to manage certain wallets and as far as I know AMPnet (part of Starfleet) is using it, too:

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The feedback in general was that the “issue” is not technical but rather semantic. In that in this section we would like to put tools that have some public feedback from aeternity community and also link should point to a specific tool in it.

I know already that ArkaneNetwork itself is already listed in the “Who is using aeternity” section, but I wasn’t really familiar with it I had to do some research first, that’s the delay. I just wanted to be sure we don’t turn the site into a marketing portal.

So I don’t see problem to include it into the wallet sections since it is essentially a wallet.

Despite that it would be very good for community (as a suggestion) to have some kind of a presentation of ArkaneNetwork in the forum and the aeternity integration in particular. There are several topics that mention it but sporadic (in scope of meetups and events). I also watched some videos, that appears deserve to be collected at one specific topic.


Thanks @marc0olo for the contribution! :slight_smile:
I merged the changes


@ivaylobadinov.chain seems like the auto deployment action had no effect. can you check that?