Question about PayingForTx

I am currently implementing support for PayingForTx in the Java SDK and I am struggling to get a correct signature.

sorry @hanssv.chain, can you help me out again? I guess I need to setup a local tool for me to decode the transactions on my own.

this is an example for a PayingForTx which seems to have a wrong signature:


My initial guess would be that you’ve forgot to take the changes in into account?

@dimitar.chain can probably point you to the documentation of that change, I don’t have it right now.


yep, it was the way the inner tx was signed. didn’t know about that. thanks! :slight_smile: really cool to see that feature finally coming

@Karel are you still interested in this? :smiley: I see you focus on NFTs right now. we will also work on a NFT standard for aeternity very soon. would be great to see that feature being used by Arkane in the future :sunglasses:


Also please keep in mind that there is an optimisation point there: incorrectly signed inner transactions if wrapped by a paying-for-tx happily enter the transaction pool. Tracked as an issue.

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