Questions about the official information exchange of the Chinese community

Hello everyone, I am a small leek in the Chinese community. I think the Chinese community is shrouded in dark clouds. Official information has not been passed, and community opinion groups have been idle.

There are many factors that cause this problem. I am not here for accountability. I hope eternity will get better and better. So there are a few questions below that need an official response from the official.

  1. Why is there only one administrator in China? Should we add more people? I think he is tired and I sympathize with him. He has to face so many people who scold him every day. so terrible!
  2. I see a lot of bounty activities in the Chinese community. Why does Mark always give priority? Is it because he is an official member? Shouldn’t official members avoid these? This is a stain, isn’t it?
  3. The team disappeared after organizing an event in the Telegraph group last year. Can we do more of these activities? Why not use the free promotion?
  4. LIMA is online, the focus of the team should return to the development of ecology and community, Participate in more blockchain-related activities to keep aeternity’s continued enthusiasm.I’d like to see more information about aeternity on more websites,Thanks!
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Hey @123, thank you very much for your feedback. I just want to assure you that the Chinese community is one of the main focuses of the team and a bunch of initiatives are in the works.

  • Mark is æternity’s Chinese Community Manager but he is not working alone. We have recently joined forces with First.VIP and the results from their work are about to be seen. We are also always ready to welcome more people willing to contribute.
  • Mark has not been given any privileges in terms of bounties. Everyone is welcome to suggest a CBC and as long it is well written, structured and deemed useful, it will be funded.
  • Organizing local events in China and participating in existing blockchain events is planned.
  • All of this is in the works. You are welcome to join and help spreading the word.

Thank you for being involved in the community and for suggesting how to grow and develop it.


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Thank you for your reply.
But I still think it’s a good idea to run a community with a few people, and one person is bound to have some small surprises, isn’t it?