Reasons to Take Dogecoin Serious -- And Imagining Ways Aeternity Can Position Itself

I wanted to put this out there to anyone that might want ideas on growing Aeternity. I will not propose a very specific idea, but a kind of landscape for others to imagine ideas. This possibly opportunity would maybe be best to be done fairly quickly. As I’m anticipating Dogecoin will become more significant than anyone is thinking. I have a few reasons for this:

Elon Musk:

  • Experience includes co-founding Pay Pal.
  • Developed a blueprint for what would be the most valuable financial entity on earth (that’s the claim as I understand).
  • PayPal did not implement this blueprint. But retained … After Elon purchased Twitter, he has rebranded it as X… he bought X from Pay Pal.
  • Elon loves Dogecoin… he thinks it’s funny and likes dogs… that’s nice…BUT… he has also commented that by mere chance, it has one of the most optimal tokenomics. The inflation rate is not so low that people will hodl it only (like bitcoin), and thus be more likely to utilize it. And not so high as to not have some benefit from low inflation. A potential Goldilocks inflation rate for encouraging usage.
  • Elon has temporarily replaced the Twitter logo before with the Dogecoin dog. And he has explicitly stated that he thinks it is something to do to implement Doge into purchasing on X (at least for buying Tesla vehicles).
  • X has a userbase already of 100 million+ users
  • X will implement X-Pay probably by or after the first half of the year.
  • There are other factors.


The landscape is… collaboration ideas with Dogecoin. What can that be? I don’t know. Smart contracts for Doge? Integration into SuperHero?

Someone to contact that might be easier to contact is this guy… as I think he has direct communications with Elon and he is also developing a wallet:

Please, consider to share this with anyone that you know is looking for ideas to develop. Or with team members that might find ways to add value to Doge in return adding value to Aeternity.

That is all. Use it or lose it. :slight_smile:


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It would be better to issue a meme in AE as well
ID Musk and his dog(MAHD). It’s more interesting to look at that way. What do you think?

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Open for meme coin ideas !


doge is not a public chain,This is a myth of wealth created by Musk alone and cannot be copied.
There is no point in discussing doge.
How about we talk a little more about how Solana was resurrected?

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I think that DogCoin does not have any reference value, which is the product of capital speculation


This is not a matter of speculation about price. It is speculation about usage/adoption. As such, anticipating ways to ride that “wave” of adoption. I understand those ideas (price & usage) are correlated, but current value is not the point of surveying where to develop for the future.

I don’t understand what you mean. Doge was not created by Elon. Doge was created as a joke, it is a blockchain crafted & launched by individuals just like any other. It was built using the same code as bitcoin, and is as immutable as bitcoin. The designer of Doge actually did not like crypto and that was why - from my understanding - he made Doge… to mock crypto. But it is outside of his control at this point. Those that like the meme kept it going.

I disagree

That might be worth discussing. Please, start a thread in the forum about Solana.

I think the idea is worthwhile, but my feeling is that now is not the time. One problem is that there is almost no chance it will be listed on any exchange other than AE’s DEX (whcih is currently not used at any significant level). Also, AE is just not traded much on central exchanges… with all that, there is no “it factor” at the moment that can lead to viral activity. Maybe, after hyperchains is live and we get on some other major exchanges… then it would be interesting to see such meme coins try to gain traction. That is my feeling for now.

However, if AE can be bridged to Ethereum, then maybe there could be a way to wrap AE based meme coins to trade on uniswap? But we will need to wait for a bridge and I don’t know what other tech.


  1. The article about the development of the bridge can be found on “X” on March 5th.
  2. Regarding your viral spread, can I understand the recent “XPET” and “Catizen”. This way of marketing?

Thanks. I looked it up. It was actually March 4th. That is a nice start. I wonder when they will launch the bridge.

As for viral marketing. I wasn’t thinking of anything specific. I was thinking that AE needs to have something special going on that will attract attention. Hyperchains is one thing…and… when/if Hyperchains gets launched… I think we can push AE more seriously. Identify AE’s strengths, and push for better marketing. Also, whenever Portal Defi launches, it should implement AE into it’s cross chain DEX.

Hopefully, this can get started before the middle of the Bitcoin bullrun. This is prime time to be noticed. When the crypto market is in a downtrend, it will be harder to attract users and thus harder to attract investment projects - investors usually will have projects where they want it reachable by a large audience of users. Users are often starting as price speculators. So, no traction in the bull run means no virality to attact specualtors and users. No or few users… then you will struggle to survive.


i think aeternity can be a chain for memecoins aswell. i mean if base did it so can we