ReCheck’s SDK - Facilitating Access to æternity Blockchain

ReCheck creates tangible blockchain-based solutions to solve information security and data sharing issues fast, easy and cost-efficiently. Through its product, the ReCheck’s SDK, it enables developers and startups to integrate blockchain functionalities in their products with just a few lines of code.

The company offers plug-and-play software libraries and development tools that can provide a flying start for anyone looking for a simple way to record, verify and exchange data on blockchain. The solutions are perfect to build human-centric products with privacy by design as a top priority.

ReCheck’s SDK helps secure and speed up the data-sharing process - especially in the context of document management. As transactions are executed quickly, stakeholders leverage real-time synchronisation of data flows and processes. The kit bulletproofs communication through applying end-to-end encryption and stores immutable digital proofs of each transaction on a decentralized ledger.

As stakeholders are the solemn owner of their blockchain-based digital identities, businesses control who, when and what kind of information they want to share, without leaking out any other personal information.

A Single Blockchain Kit to:

Securely share data: Blockchain technology and person-to-person encryption empower stakeholders to securely communicate their personal or corporate information.

Protect data integrity: Protect your data authenticity by utilizing digital proofs, such as fingerprints and timestamps.

Tracе transactions: Track how your data is recorded, accessed and shared - manage traceability fast and easy.

Digitize physical products: Manage the whole life cycle of your products through their digital twins and enable consumers to make informed decisions.

ReCheck is happy to announce that the first transactions on the æternity network have been successfully executed and this is just the beginning. As an enabler of the æternity ecosystem, we are thrilled to empower more developers to create decentralized solutions utilizing our Blockchain Kit.

ReCheck’s SDK is an easy, plug-and-play component that can be the stepping stone for many developers and startups who are looking to strengthen trust and security when recording, storing and sharing data within their own organizations and externally too.

You can test the SDK now by visiting our GitHub page: Please reach out to us with any ideas and comments about the tools. If you see opportunities to cooperate drop us a message at [email protected].