[Rejected] Aeternity x Web3Campus powered by Cointelegraph

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Status: Rejected on the 10.02.2023, submitted on the 01.12.2022
Last updated: 01.12.2022
**Submited by @wlada **
**Team: @wlada **
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Community Growth, Education

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Web3Campus powered by Cointelegraph


Please find the link to our deck: DocSend

Our team consists of highly-skilled professionals with experience in successful project leadership and expansion. All team members are passionate about building a product that would support the new wave of creators on their way to the Web3 world.

⦁ CEO & Co-founder - Vlad Baimurzin:
Ex-Head of Product at Geecko with 5+ years of software engineering as a developer and CTO.

⦁ CPO & Co-founder - Daniel Seman:
Ex-CEO at Cointelegraph. Advanced the media to number one in market share. Launched 7 international editions from scratch. Currently Cointelegraph Advisory Board Member.

⦁ Interim-CMO & Executive Advisor - Artem Kazakov:
CCO & ex-CMO at Skillbox Holding Limited, revenue in 2021 is $185 mln

⦁ CBDO & Co-founder - Leo Glazõw:
Strategic Business Developer at Cointelegraph.

⦁ Advisor - Teigi Lee:
Head Of Growth Marketing & Expansion at Blockchain.com. Previously held senior leadership roles at OKEx, Microsoft, and Web Summit.

Value Application

With efficient learning methodology and Web3 mechanics, we will accelerate the adoption of Aeternity ecosystem for Web2 developers. The result of our partnership will be 1K new builders and creators for Aeternity.

Web3Campus is where the traditional EdTech business model meets Web3 mechanics. Key Web3 mechanics like digital identity protocol, Learn-to-Earn, and Contribute-to-Earn will be built on Aeternity network. This way, the technologies of Aeternity ecosystem will be at the base of ‘Web3-vizing’ the EdTech market.

Definition of Terms

Web3Campus powered by Cointelegraph is an online educational platform for learning Web3 skills and professions. We solve the problems of difficult field immersion and the lack of professionals capable of building innovative products on Web3. Web3Campus builds a safe place to learn in a real-work simulator and engages students through Learn2Earn mechanics.

We kindly requests a $380,000 grant for product and marketing purposes, elaborated in the next sections.

Status Quo

⦁ Platform beta version is ready
⦁ Team is fully formed
⦁ 60% of Solidity course ready
⦁ 30% of Cyber Security in Web3 course ready

Required Work

  1. Courses and Quests fully related to Aeternity - $45,000
  2. Learn2Earn - $20,000
  3. W3C:Jobs and Digital Identity - $35,000
  4. Contribute2Earn - $30,000
  5. Marketing of AE Courses only and support of students - $150,000
  6. Rewards for L2E & C2E - 1,300,000 AE



  • Courses and Quests fully related to Aeternity - How to build DeFi projects course; two mini-courses and two quests. Jan’ 23 - Mar’ 23
  • Learn2Earn - Reward mechanics to stimulate students to use Aeternity infrastructure tools, increase course completion and encourage the best students. Jan’ 23
  • W3C:Jobs and Digital Identity - Decentralized Identity for student’s traction and company-employee interaction built on Aeternity blockchain - Apr’ 23
  • Contribute2Earn - Reward mechanics to incentivize users to create content, tasks, and guides. May’ 23

Marketing and Adoption

  • Marketing of Aeternity Courses only and support of students - The sum will be spent on performance and content marketing, community growth, influencers, and webinars. Jan - May’ 23
  • Rewards for L2E & C2E - Rewards in AE to incentivize our users. Until May’ 23

Known Limitations

Ensuring high quality of Contribute2Earn content is our key challenge. One of our platform’s features is encouraging users to create educational materials and share their experiences. Nonetheless, to guarantee their reliability and usefulness, we need to come up with some content-approval mechanics.


LONG-TERM GOALS (after completing the above-mentioned ones):
⦁ Launching on LATAM market
⦁ 3 more courses launched, with self-sufficient mini-courses and quests
⦁ Breaking into Philippines and Indonesia markets
⦁ Start of B2B sales

To enhance product growth and promote it, we will leverage all major marketing channels: performance and content marketing, webinars, influencers, and community growth. Marketing budget and rewards go directly and only to promote Aeternity-related courses.





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æternity paying for build solidity courses? no way :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks for providing your proposal, but I think if you want to create educational courses for æternity developers you should know that smart contracts aren’t built using Solidity language.

Dear @wlada,
Thank you very much for applying. Your application is rejected by AF Board.

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