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Status: Rejected on the 18.09.2020, submited on 11.09.2020
Last updated: 11.09.2020
Submited by Miguelangel Escorche, [email protected]
Team: Bolution
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Planned Delivery: 24/09/2020

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Community Growth

Application Title

Bolution App


Hello Aeternity, My name is Miguelangel Escorche from Venezuela

Value Application

Our application has a Stablecoin called Busd (1Busd = 1Usd) and we are doing it on the aeternity blockchain in order to be able to be used on the Bolution platform and be acquired with Ae, Btc and Eth. And it will be used in our App to send money, receive and recharge and / or buy a debit card mastercard in dollars that you can use in any country in the world.

Definition of Terms

BOLUTION is a financial technology company dedicated to providing real, reliable and high-value solutions for
the management and administration of economic resources that are available and at the service of people. In the form downloadable
mobile application, we have our own virtual currency for exchanges called BUSD. One BUSD equals $ 1 USD (1 BUSD =
1USD), which makes it easy to manage, eliminates the difficulty of conversions, and is very easy for users to understand.
BOLUTION accompanies you, facilitating your savings plan in an easily interchangeable electronic currency at
points of sale, or transfers between accounts of users of the platform anywhere in the world, facilitating the management
of resources, both currencies from different countries, transfers and exchange FIAT (dollars, strong bolivars, among
others …), as well as cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum
Thanks to BUSD, all this is possible, since, with the speed of instant electronic operations of buying and selling
in cryptocurrencies or FIAT currencies on our platform, you can buy or sell your BUSD at any time. Example BUSD
purchases in Dollars from a transfer in the USA and then exchange them for Bolívares in Venezuela, that simple thanks
to Bolution.
In addition, we include the innovative use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Our application
includes functions such as:
Directory, which stores your frequent contacts and allows you to register new ones. Transaction history, which allows
you to see reflected the payments that you made and that you have made
Transfers within the same application with any of our currencies, supported only by placing the email of the
person you want to send the money to.
In addition to offering the possibility of apply for a debit MasterCard card prepaid physical in dollars that arrives
at your door in 15 days, and a special option for companies or entrepreneurs which allows integrating the Bolution wallet
to any app, website or software to be able to accept payments in cryptocurrencies and, over time, currencies such as
Dollars, Bolívares and others … If you want to see a more visual example click here to see the visual prototype and live
the Bolution experience.

Status Quo

V1 of Bolution will be onlined on 24th September 2020 in the Android Play Store.

Required Work

V1 online test, set the back online, finish stable coin, Code optimization, enable purchase and recharge of the debit cards.


1 month
|1|Code review|Before 1th September|
|2|Stable coin|Before 10th September|
|3|Cards optimization|
|4|General review 20th September|

Known Limitations

it will be good if we can get more help in the Token development, because we migrate from ethereum and we want Busd work perfect, and also we need more Ae to have liquidity for currency exchanges.


where are going to be in the market helping millions of people from the cripto World and the traditional world stay together with our solutions and we have plans to continue growing and have more solution to use criptos.

We are finish our web site to explain all the services very easyly. And also we are prepare to have a big marketing campaign with a lot of group of people that use cripto and people from the financial sector in Venezuela.


Yes we are going to set public the investigation and the contracts of the Token Busd.


Yes we’re going to do regular maintainance to our app and the code

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@miguelesco The Bolution App is rejected by ACF Board.